Shadow Warriors

Shadow Warriors: The Complete First Season box set (region 1, Japanese with English subtitles)
released by BCI Eclipse on April 17, 2007 (BCI Eclipse went bankrupt in 2009)

The box is designed to look like wood. The front cover shows the image of a man holding a sword. The back describes the series. Inside the box are four clear plastic cases. The first three cases each hold two, double-sided discs. The fourth case holds one double-sided disc. The first six discs each hold four episodes, two on each side. The seventh disc holds three episodes and an interview with Sonny Chiba. This complete first season set includes an 8 page booklet written by Patrick Macias. [Ignore the quotes from Quentin Tarantino, he doesn't know what he's talking about. Sonny Chiba does not play a different Hattori Hanzo in each series, he's not Hattori Hanzo III, IV, V,etc. Sonny Chiba plays Hattori Hanzo III in the first series. Then in the second he's Tsuge Shinpachi. And in the third Tarao Hanzo. They may all be Inga ninja but they don't all have the same name.]

Each of the discs has the two episode titles and a Set Up option. From the Set Up screen you can toggle the English subtitles off, they default to on.

The DVD image and audio are excellent. There are some minor glitches in the English subtitles. I've noticed typing errors. And sometimes they leave words untranslated ("kunoichi", "oniwaban"). While both the opening and ending credits are subtitled, the opening and ending theme lyrics are not.