Episode 1: "Tigers Sharpen Their Claws in a Storm"

Shogun Tokugawa, Ieyasu has died. His position is inherited by 5 year old Ietsuna. All the former Shogun's ministers publicly swear loyalty to the new Shogun. Some of them lied.

The Iga ninja a once powerful and wealthy clan lost its position and was scattered throughout the country when its leader Hattori, Hanzou II angered the Shogun and lost his head. His son, Hattori Hanzou III, runs the Kijiyuu bathhouse, pretending to be a not very bright gambler.

Two government officials are attacked by ninja. One is killed. Tokugawa, Ietsuna's loyal guardian Masayuki, Hoshina survives. The Iga are blamed for the attacks. To clear their name Hattori Hanzo III must find the real killers. Masayuki, Hoshina who accepts Hattori, Hanzo's word that the Iga are innocent asks Hanzo to help maintaine the peace and stabalize the Shogunate. Hanzo wont be "a goverment pet" but will help Masayuki, Hoshina if it suits him. If it doesn't he won't.

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