Episode 5: "Soft Skin Sunk Into a Whirlpool"

The Tokushima clan is gathering weapons for a rebellion against the government. After the Kouga ninja fail to destroy the weapons, Hoshina, Masayuki asks Hattori, Hanzou III to. Hanzou leaves one Shadow Warrior in Edo and has the others make the journey to ?????, taking different routes. He has Hyoroku and Okiri pretend to be husband and wife birdwatchers. During their journey, Okiri tells Hyoroku that she loves him. He says ninja cannot have emotions. She tells him that when they were children together in an Iga village he said that when he grew up he would marry her (flash back). He claims to have forgotten that long ago. Okiri oncovers her breasts in an attempt to seduce him. [This show must have had a lot of editing when it aired in Hawaii] Hyoroku declines her request to make love to her, saying that (A) he's in training and (B) that ninja must not fall in love. [No he's not a homosexual, just afraid that love will cloud his judgment leading to his or her death]

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