Shimon, Masato
(b. January 4, 1944)

This is just a partial list of the Tokusatsu themes Shimon, Masato recorded:

1971 Kamen Rider

    Let's Go!! Rider Kick [using alias of Fuji, Kouichi] (w/Male Harmony) - opening theme episodes 14-88
    Come Home Rider
    Fight! Cylone
    Masked Rider's Counting Song (w/The Columbia Cradle Club)
    Masked Rider's Song [using alias of Fuji, Kouichi] (w/Male Harmony) - ending theme episodes 1-71
    Rider Action - ending theme episodes 72-88 & opening theme episodes 89-98
    Lonely Masked Rider - ending theme episodes 89-98

1972 Kaiketsu Lion Maru

    Rock Ballad of Lion Maru

1972 Red Man

    Redman - opening theme
    Redman of The Evening Sun

1972 Triple Fighter

    Song of Triple Fighter [using alias of Tani, Akira] (w/Suginami Children's Choir & Choir Phoenix) - opening theme
    Oath of Triple Fighter [using alias of Tani, Akira] (w/Suginami Children's Choir & Choir Phoenix)

1972 Jinzo Ningen Kikaida

    Go On Kikaida (w/The Columbia Cradle Club)
    Kikaida's Counting Song (w/The Columbia Cradle Club)
    Kikaida's Lullabye
    Today Too, The Devil Plays The Flute (w/The Columbia Cradle Club)
    Who's Behind You? (w/The Columbia Cradle Club)
    Where Will You Go? (w/The Columbia Cradle Club)

1972 Iron King

    Iron King - opening theme
    Solitary Journey - ending theme

1973 Kikaida 01

    Kikaida 01 - opening theme
    01 Rock - ending theme

1973 Inazuman

    Fight Inazuman (w/The Columbia Cradle Club) - opening theme
    Fight Inazuman (Another Version) (w/The Columbia Cradle Club)

1973 Faiyman

    Fireman - opening theme
    Burn Like the Flame (w/Photons) - portion played at end of series
    To the Distant Blue Depths of the Earth

1973 Kamen Rider V3

    Masked Rider Praise Song
    V3 Action
    Run Hurricane (w/The Columbia Cradle Club) - ending theme episodes 43-52

1973 Jambgu su

    Jumborg Ace [using alias of Tani, Akira] (w/Arakawa Boys & Girls Choir) - opening theme
    Fight! Jumborg 9 [using alias of Tani, Akira]
    Shining PAT [using alias of Tani, Akira] (w/Circle Valleys)

1973 Ryuusei Ningen Zoon (Meteor Man Zone aka Zone Fighter)

    Meteor Man Zone (w/Youth Choir Mizumi) - opening theme
    Meteor Victory (w/?????)

1974 Kamen Rider X

    Charge Masked Rider X
    Rider Anthem

1974 Denjin Zabg

    Fight Electroid Zabg - opening theme
    My Brother Electroid Zabg - ending theme

1974 Fight! Dragon (Tatakae! Dragon)

    Fight! Dragon (Tatakae! Dragon)

1974 Kamen Rider Amazon

    Amazon Rider Is Here! - opening theme
    Amazon Alone
    Amazon Rider Action
    His Name is Amazon
    Let's Fight Together, Amazon
    Run Jungler of Flame
    Teach Me Amazon! (w/Yamagami Manchiko)
    Tokyo Jungle
    Amazon-Da-Da-Da!! (w/The Columbia Cradle Club) - ending theme

1974 SF Dorama: Saru no Gundan

    Army of the Apes - opening theme

1974? Godzilla

    Rock Rock Godzilla
    Destroy Megalon
    Punch Punch Punch with Godzilla & Jet Jaguar

1975 Ultra Seven (English dubbed in Hawaii)

Song of Ultra Seven - opening theme

1975 Kamen Rider Stronger

    Look!! Masked Rider Stronger (1st version)
    Stronger Will Fight Again Today! (w/Horie, Mitsuko) - ending theme episodes 1 and 2

1976 Kyry Tankentai Born Free

    Go! Bornfree (w/Columbia Cradle Club) - opening theme
    Kyry yo Itsumademo (w/Columbia Cradle Club)

1976 Pro Wrestler Star Aztecizer

    Come on! Aztecizer (w/Columbia Cradle Club) - opening theme
    Fight! Aztecizer (w/Columbia Cradle Club) - ending theme

1998 Seij Sentai Gingaman

    Star-Beast Team Gingman [using alias of Kisao, Ryu] (w/Eve) - opening theme
    Naked Mind [using alias of Kisao, Ryu] - ending theme