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Machine Empire Black Magma
(機械帝国ブラックマグマ Kikai Teikoku Burakku Maguma)

Iron Claw Castle
Machine Empire Black Magma operates out of its North Pole headquarters, Iron Claw Castle.

President Hell Saturn
President Hell Satan, apparent leader of the Machine Empire Black Magma

President Hell Saturn (ヘルサターン総統 Herusatân Sôtô) appears to rule the Machine Empire Black Magma but in reality he is just the servent of an alien which calls itself the "Black Solar God". President Hell Saturn is voiced by Îzuka, Shôzô.

Queen Hedrian
Cyborg Queen Hedrian: episodes 5-49

Queen Hedrian (ヘ ドリアン女王 Hedorian Joô), the defeated leader of the Vader Clan (Denshi Sentai Denjiman [Electronic Task Force Denjiman]) is revived, as a cyborg, in order to assist Black Magma in conquering Earth. Declares herself ruller of Machine Empire Black Magma in episode 47 when it appears that President Hell Saturn has been killed. She dies when President Hell Saturn returns in episode 49. Queen Hedrian played by Soga, Machiko.

Zero Four to Zero One
Zero Four, Zero Three, Zero Two, Zero One

Zero Girls (ゼロガールズ Zero Gâruzu) - Black Magma's female spies. They often disguises themselves as human women.

Dark Q
Dark Q: episodes 1-4, 7-14, 16-19, 21

The Dark Q (ダー クQ Dâku Kyű) are robots capable of disguising themeselves as humans. Stronger than ordinary humans but easily destroyed by Sun Vulcan. After a Dark Q is destroyed a new one is made.

monster making machine

Machine Empire Black Magma's Machine Lifeforms are produced by mixing machine parts and living creatures in a monster making machine.

monster monstermonster

Episode 01: Ground Beetle Monger (ジムシモンガー Jimushimongâ)
Episode 02: Dolphin Fish Monger (シー ラモンガー Shîramongâ)
Episode 03: Naumann Monger (ナ ウマンモンガー Naumanmongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 04: Bird Monger (トリモンガー Torimongâ)
Episode 05: Genie Monger (マ ジンモンガー Majinmongâ)
Episode 06: Machine Monger (キ カイモンガー Kikaimongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 07: Baseball Monger (ヤキュウモンガー Yakyűmongâ)
Episode 08: Infinity Monger (ム ゲンモンガー Mugenmongâ)
Episode 09: Scorpion Monger (サ ソリモンガー Sasorimongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 10: Spider Monger (クモモンガー Kumomongâ)
Episode 11: Fern Monger (シ ダモンガー Shidamongâ)
Episode 12: Diamond Monger (ダ イヤモンガー Daiyamongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 13: Iron Monger (アイアンモンガー Aianmongâ)
Episode 14: Armadillo Monger (ア ルマジロモンガー Arumajiromongâ)
Episode 15: Time Monger (タ イムモンガー Taimumongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 16: Tobibako Monger (トビバコモンガー Tobibakomongâ)
Episode 17: Gas Monger (ガ スモンガー Gasumongâ)
Episode 18: Camera Monger (カ メラモンガー Kameramongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 19: Toad Monger (ガマモンガー Gamamongâ)
Episode 20: Wrestler Monger (レ スラーモンガー Resurâmongâ)
Episode 21: Sea Anemone Monger (イ ソギンモンガー Isoginmongâ)

monster Zero 1

Episode 22: Horseshoe Crab Monger (カブトガニモンガー Kabutokanimongâ)
Episode 22: Zero 1 (ゼロ Zero 1) - the leader of the Zero Girls is killed in episode 22.

Amazon Killer
Amazon Killer: episodes 23-50

After Zero One is killed Queen Hedrian summons the Vader field agent Amazon Killer (ア マゾンキラー Amazon Kirâ) from space to Earth. Amazon Killer's first evil plan is a scheme to destroy the Sun Vulcan base. It works! Amazon Killer is played by Kagawa, Yukie who had previously played the evil Amazoness in Toei's Supaidâman [Spiderman] (1978.

monster monstermonster monster

Episode 23: Great Octopus Monger (オオダコモン ガー Ôtakomongâ)
Episode 24: Water Bug Monger (タ ガメモンガー Tagamemongâ)
Movie: Fireworks Monger (ハ ナビモンガー Hanabimongâ)
Episode 25: Sea Snake Monger (ウ ミヘビモンガー Umihebimongâ) (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)

monster monstermonster

Episode 26: Hungry Monger (ハラペコモンガー Harapekomongâ) (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)
Episode 27: Alien Monger (エ イリアンモンガー Eirianmongâ)
Episode 28: Crystal Monger (ク リスタルモンガー Kurisutarumongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 29: Red Rose Mask (赤いバラ仮面 Aka Bara Kamen) / Rose Monger (バ ラモンガー Baramongâ) - rose monster has 2 forms
Episode 30: Buffalo Monger (バッ ファローモンガー Baffarômongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 31: Thunder Monger (カミナリモンガー Kaminarimongâ)
Episode 32: Pettan Monger (ペッ タンモンガー Pettanmongâ)
Episode 33: Crab Monger (カ ニモンガー Kanimongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 34: Curse Monger (ノロイモンガー Noroimongâ)
Episode 35: Cockroach Monger (ゴ キブリモンガー Gokiburimongâ) - speaks a mixture of Japanese and Spanish
Episode 36: Saturn Monger (サ ターンモンガー Satânmongâ) - targets a decendant of the Denzi who's living on Earth, as a nun

monster monstermonster

Episode 37: Saturn Monger (サターンモンガー Satânmongâ) - escapes from Sun Vulcan Robo in episode 36 to reappear in 37
Episode 38: Totem Pole Monger (トー テムポールモンガー Tôtemupôrumongâ)
Episode 39: Centipede Monger (ム カデモンガー Mukademongâ)

monster monstermonster

Episode 40: Bat Monger (コウモリモンガー Kômorimongâ)
Episode 41: Teakettle Monger (チャ ガマモンガー Chagamamongâ)
Episode 42: Dragon Monger (ド ラゴンモンガー Doragonmongâ)

monster monster

Episode 43: Mechanic Monger (メカメカモンガー Mekamekamongâ)
Episode 44: Flying Squirrel Monger (ムササビモンガー Musasabimongâ)

Inazuma Ginga

Galaxy Lightning (episodes 45-49)

A space pirate, wanted by the Galactic Police, Galaxy Lightning (イナズマギ ンガ Inazuma Ginga) comes to Earth to fight Sun Vulcan. Milkyway Lightning (Inazuma Ginga) is voiced by Watanabe, Takeshi.

Once Amazon Killer's partner Galaxy Lightning (Inazuma Ginga) is manipulated into challenging President Hell Saturn by Amazon Killer and Queen Hedrian. Inazuma Ginga seams to defeat President Hell Saturn in episode 47, allowing Queen Hedrian to declare herself ruler of Machine Empire Black Magma. In episode 49 President Hell Saturn gets his revenge by tossing Inazuma Ginga into the monster making machine, transforming him into Lightning Monger. In the same episode Queen Hedrian casts her last spell. And its revealed that President Hell Saturn is not the true ruler of Machine Empire Black Magma after alll. Note: President Hell Saturn and Galaxy Lightning voice actors had played rivals before, in Kikaida 01 (1973), as Gill Hakaida vs Shadow Knight and later Gill Hakaida vs Waruda.

monster monstermonster

Episode 45: Boxer Monger (ボクサーモンガー Bokusâmongâ)
Episode 46: Shinonawa Monger (シ ノナワモンガー Shinonawamongâ)
Episode 47: Fighter Monger (ファ イターモンガー Faitâmongâ)

monster Inazuma MongaBlack Solar God

Episode 48: Mummy Monger (ミイラモンガー Mîramongâ)
Episode 49: Lightning Monger (イ ナズマモンガー Inazumamongâ) (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)
Episode 49: Black Solar God - this alien brain is the true leader of Machine Empire Black Magma

Amazon Killer King MagmarBlack Solar God

Episode 50: Amazon Killer (アマゾンキラー Amazon Kirâ)
Episode 50: King Magmar (キ ングマグマー Kingumagumâ) - giant robot controled by Zero 2, Zero 3 and Zero 4
Episode 50: Black Solar God - this alien brain is the true leader of Machine Empire Black Magma

Machinemen: episodes 1-50

The Machinemen (マシンマン Mashinmen) are the soldiers of the Machine Empire Black Magma.

Hell Fighter
Hell Fighters

Black Magma's fighter aircraft are the Hell Fighters (ヘ ルファイタ Herufaitâ).


Monster names provided by "Lee Keflen"