Oil Drinker Astromons

Episode 1: Oil Drinker attacks Astromons, the rose monster and is eaten by it

Cosmo Liquid Live King

Episodes 2 & 3: Cosmo Liquid can turn into water, in its monster form has a very long tongue, Live King laughs at lot and sprays fire, they battle each other for while then attack ZAT and Ultraman Taro.

Mini Tortoise on King Tortoise's back

Episodes 4 & 5: King Tortoise, Queen Tortoise, Mini Tortoise - a family of giant tortoises which mean no one harm, its the humans who are the monsters in this episode

Jirenma Tagarl & Ganza

Episode 6: Jirenma - space slug, giant sized because Higashi, Kôtarô shot it with a laser beam giving it the enrgy boost it was waiting for (oops)
Episode 7: Ganza, a giant crab sinks a ship then takes a nap, when it wakes up it attacked by Tagarl, a gaint squid, Ganza wins and then loses to Ultraman Taro

Tondaile Arindo

Episode 8: Tondaile - eats a boy's father, tries to set the boy on fire
Episode 9: Arindo - from a building infested with fire spitting bugs this giant monster grows, spits fire and acid

Depparas Basara

Episode 10: Depparas - ZAT seems to kill this walrus monstet but it regenerates so Ultraman Taro can fight it later
Episode 11: Basara - this monster grows from a rose vine

Volkeller Sheltar

Episode 12: Volkeller - before you go drilling for oil make sure there isn't a sleeping monster under the spot you want to drill
Episode 13: Sheltar - this poor monster was minding its own business sleeping in the ocean when a ZAT sub accdidently shot a torpedo into its mouth, ZAT tried to remove it but pulled a tooth instead which sends the creature on a pain filled rampage than Taro assaults the poor thing and ZAT to add insult to engery blows up the poor creature

Enmargo Miegon

Episode 14: Enmargo - a construction crew digs up a magic totem,l when they remove it from its resting placing the evil creature it was emprisoning is realized and runs amoc
Episode 15: Miegon - the red on this monster comes from red dye ZAT sprayed on it, why I don't know nothing in this episode seems to make sense (which it had subtitles maybe then it would)


Episode 16: Okariyan - only appears when a boy plays a musical instrument his father game him

Kemjila Birdon

Episodes 17-18: Kemjila - giant insect which was the natural pray of Birdo
Episodes 17-19: Birdon - giant chicken that attacked Ultraman Taro because he was between it as its lunch, Kemjila, belive it or not but this giant chicken kills both Taro and Zoffy, Mother of Ultra raises Taro and the chioken falls in a volacano and gets fried, Taro and his mother carry the body of Zoffy off (and presumably raise him off camera since is alive in episode 25)

Flying Raidron King Zemira

Episode 20: Flying Raidron - two giant space birds are flying around when they come close to Earth the baby bird is attracted by the lights of fireworks, it doesn't harm anyone until ZAT opens fire on it, then the mother starts shooting down lightining from orbit, Ultraman Taro gets in on the act until his mother appears (again) to tell him he's doing wrong, Taro heals the bird and take it to its mother in orbit
Episode 21: King Zemira - a giant cicada asleep under the Earth's surface awoke looking for other ciacadas because it was mating season and angry at the annoying humans, Ultraman Taro carries it off into space to find a new home

Pandora & Chinpe Rodera

Episode 22: Pandora (mother) & Chinpe (child) space kangaroo, having learned nothing from his last enouncter with a family of monsters (episodes 4&5) or any of his other encounters with not ineherintly hostile creatures Ultraman Taro bullies this mother and its baby (the big jerk)
Episode 23: Rodera - acid spitting monster that tries to kill Saori and Kenichi and some not very nice friends of theirs

Mururoa Mukadender

Episodes 24 & 25: Mururoa - when a rocket from Earth struck a meteor it freed space moths and Mururoa brought unatural darnkess upon the Earth, it would talke the ringing of the Ultra Bell by the Ultra Brothers to drive the darkness away before Ultraman Taro could defeat this monster
Episode 26: Mukadender - this centipede monster interuprs a festival and a man who's family apparently have a story about defeating such a creature tries to slay the beast with an old lance, it doesn't work

Mandarin Grass Alien Mefilas II

Episode 27: After Mandarin Grass a plant monster is defeat by ZAT, Alien Mefilas II who had brought it to Earth appears (apparently this is a kin to the original Alien Mefilas from Ultraman

Revived Eleking

Episode 28: Revived Eleking - a revived Eleking (after having been killed by Ultra Seven) raises to cause havoc until Ultraman Taro kills it a second time

Yapool Reconstructed Bemstar

Episodes 29 & 30: Yapool is the main villian from Ultraman Ace, suppsed to have been Killed by Ultraman Ace, apparently hates all Ultras and won't stay dead (killed by Ultraman Taro)
Episodes 29 & 30: Reconstructed Bemstar - Bemstar was a monster defeated by Ultraman Jack, reconstruced by Yapool to kill Ultraman Taro (killed by ZAT)

Reconstructed Sabotendar Reconstructed Verokron

Episode 30: Reconstructed Sabotendar - Sabotendar was a monster defeated by Ultraman Ace, reconstruced by Yapool when Bemstar was losing (killed by Ultraman Taro)
Episode 30: Reconstructed Verokron - Verokron was a monster defeated by Ultraman Ace, reconstruced by Yapool when Bemstar & Sabotendar were losing (killed by ZAT)

Mushra Guron

Episode 31: Mushra - poisons a water tower so that everyone in the area who drinks water becomes a mushroom person
Episode 32: Guron -

Alien Temperor 1 Alien Temperor 2

Episodes 33 & 34: Alien Temperor - Alien Temperor (human sized) hates the Ultra Brothers and plans to destroy the Land of Light but decides to attack the new Ultraman Taro on Earth first, sends a subordinate to do so, the subordinate giant sizes, takes all of the Ultra Brothers to defeat this threat to Earth and the Land of Light (I really don't understand this story line for most of it the Ultra Brothers just let Taro get beat up and while he's calling on his brothers for help their hiding inside the other men of ZAT and don't want him to know, of course he finally learns it and they do finally fight the monster together but it seems like they stretched this out over two episodes for no good reason).

Alien Katan Grost

Episode 36: Alien Katan - one of the few human sized aliens in this series, it seen driving cars by Kôtarô before it giants sizes at the end, can posses humans, shoot a blinding ray, giantsize and shoots flames out of its fingers
Episode 35: Grost - ice monster from a gold planet takes over a construction crew it and the people it control are weakened by heat

Hertz Alien Medusa

Episode 37: Hertz - crashed landed on Earth, was not hostile was hiding from the hostile Alien Medusa, waived at the ZAT aircraft and refused to fight back when they fired at it
Episode 37: Alien Medusa - disguised as a human woman tried to get ZAT to kill Hertz when they refused she took control of Moriyama, Izumi in an attempt to do it herself

Alien Miracle Alien Medusa

Episode 38: Alien Miracle - a friendly alien that comes to Earth to celebrate Christmas killed by the evil Alien Terrorist. seen only through a green crystal which shows visions of the past
Episode 38: Alien Terrorist - evil alien which kills the friendly Alien Miracle and then goes hunting for the girl he gave the crystal to

Mochiron Tyrant

Episode 39: Mochiron - not really evil just want to celebrate "Mochi Day" and eat up all the rice, Father of Ultra helps make enough rice to satisfy than carries the stuffed and exhausted alien back into space (you cant make this stuff up)
Episode 40: Tyrant - back to a serious threat, this monster actually defeats the other Ultra Brothers in one on one battles on different planets in Earth's system before arriving on Earth to be killed by Taro, either iwas exhauseted after battling the Ultra Brothers first or Taro is stronger than his elders

Gongoros Elegia

Episode 41: Gongoros - a monster that comes from an alien shadow touching graffitii, it breathes fire and sprays a bad smelling gas, when Ultraman Taro realises its actually just a drawing brought to life he literally erases it
Epidode 42: Elegia - a man who misses his wife Seiko who died in an automobile accident creates an android duplicate of her, the android shares his hatred of automobiles and starts destroying them in the some how raises the dead woman's dead pet parrot as a giant monster


Episode 43: Motokureron - a herbivore but a giant herbivore, starts out tiny but the more vegtibles it east the bigger it gets and the bigger it gets the hungrier it gets not evil just starving

Alien Kisaragi Onibanba

Episode 44: Alien Kisaragi - this alien is first digused as a woman in black before showing two forms the human sized Oni Lady and the giant Onibanba, weakend by "holy beans", escapes alive vowring to return next year

Alien Dorzu Memole

Episode 45: Alien Dorzu - after seeing ZAT member Kitajima, Tetsuya's nightmare about a childhood friend, Mari who was kidnapped by a man in black this alien sends a woman named Mari to Kitajima, Tetsuya claiming to be this missing girl all grown up
Episode 45: Memole - the young woman Mari is turned into this giant monster by Alien Dorzu as part of a scheme to destroy ZAT


Episode 46: Piccolo - an alien child who decided to ride a comet for fun and fell to Earth. befriended a boy with a pet rabbit, when he discovered someone was poisining the rabbit's food he decided all other human were bad and tried to destroy the city, told ZAT that Higashi, Kôtarô was Ultraman Taro but they didn't believe him. Fought Taro to a draw then asked Taro to help him get home, so Taro did

Gorgosaurus III Gelan

Episode 47: Gorgosaurus III - a Mirrorman (another Tsuburaya Productions series) monster ends up in the Ultraman Taro universe, Taro fights and kills it on another planet before it can reach Earth
Episode 47: Gelan - after defeating Gorgosaurus III a wounded Utraman Taro intended to head to the Land of Light to allow the Mother of Ultra to heal him but this new threat takes him back to Earth insdead

Veron Alien File

Episode 48: Veron - drunken monster that fell to Earth by accident, Taro tries to subdue it by having a dancing contest with it
Episode 48: Alien File aka Space Boys - five friendly, human sized alien musicianns who are searching for Veron, during the Girl's Fesrival

Orphy Alien Khan

Episode 49: Orphy - a friendly monster which appears once a year to sing to a mountain village before going to back hybernating
Episode 49: Alien Khan - an evil alien that infects the friendly monster to make it hostile until Ultraman Taro removes it, with giant tweezers (not kidding)

Garaking Rindon

Episode 50: Garaking - arrived on Earth rolled up in a ball, and between rampages whats tol play ball, first baseball than soccer, Ultraman Taro throws him back into space
Episode 51: Rindon - a monster so tough even cutting off its head only cause it to go to sleep until its head reattches to its body. the Father of Ultra appears to deal with it


Episode 52: Dorobon - an escapee from M78's prison, followed to Earth by Ultraman Jack as it escaped on his watch

Samekujira Alien Valky

Episode 53: Samekujira - giant sea monster brouht to Earth by Alien Valky, easily defeated by Ultraman Taro who then at Higashi, Kôtarô's request seperates from his host and returns to the Land of Light in Nebula M-78
Episode 53: Alien Valky - an alien fisherman brings a giant sea monster to earth to conquer Earth in order to control its oceans, runs away when the monster is defeated but returns seeking revenge against Ultraman Taro not realzing he's gone