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ZAT (Zariba of All Territory)"

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Created to confront extraterrestrial threats to the human race. Its main headquarters in New York with the United Nations, other bases in Argentina, France, Japan, South America and the Artic. More succesfull at killing alien monsters than most previous groups. A zariba is a hedge made of thorny bushes to protect a campsite or village in Africa.

ZAT Team Members

Captain Asahina, Yuuta

Captain Asahina, Yuuta - age 42 (episodes:1-8, 10, 35, 51 & 53)

Deputy Captain Aragaki, Shuuhei

Deputy Captain Aragaki, Shuuhei - age 29, (1-34, & 36-50), Ultraman borrows his body (episodes 33 & 34), leaves to ZAT Space Station (episode 51)

Kitajima, Tetsuya

Kitajima, Tetsuya - age 27, Ultra Seven borrowed his body (episodes 33 & 34), almost resigns when a woman claiming to be an old childhood friend turns out to be a monster (episode 45)

Nanbara, Tadao

Nanbara, Tadao - age 22, very kind, Ultraman Jack borrowed his body (episodes 33 & 34), got married (episode 51)

Nishida, Jirou

Nishida, Jirou - age 19, comic relief, leaves for space station V6 (episode 8), returns as a navigator (episode 13)

Assistant Moriyama, Izumi

Assistant Moriyama, Izumi - age 18, dreamed of marrying Kotaro (episode 38)

Higashi, Kôtarô

Higashi, Kôtarô - host of Ultraman Taro, leaves ZAT in the finale episode

Ueno, Takashi

Ueno, Takashi - age 18, replaces Nishida, Jiro (episode 8), Ultraman Ace borrowed his body (episodes 33 & 34)

Deputy Captain  Kazumii, Nitani

Deputy Captain Kazumii, Nitani - replaces Deputy Captain Aragaki, Shuuhei (episode 51)

ZAT Team Vehicles

Sky Whale Condor

Sky Whale & Condor - ZAT's main aircraft

Swallow Dragon

Swallow & Dragon - ZAT's other aircraft

Wolf 777 Rabbit Panda

Wolf 777(?) & Rabbit Panda - ZAT's two ground vehicles