Episode 1: Ultra Operation No, 1
(featuring Space Monster Bemular)

Ultraman Ultraman

The Japanase branch of the Paris based International Science Police Organization (ISPO), the Science Special Search Party (SSSP) has five members. One of those members, Hayata, Shin is on patrol when he spots a blue sphere traveling at Mach 2 in space near Earth. He apparently did not see the red sphere which is also tracking the blue sphere. A bunch of campers witness the blue sphere landing and sinking into a lake. As Hyata's patrol craft approaches the lake so does the red sphere he did not previously see, they crash into each other, when they hit the ground their is an explosion. The campters witness the crash. They contact the police who the Science Special Search Party (SSSP) to report the crash. SSSP attemp to contact Hayata's ship, but get no reponse to their radio call. The captain orders them to move out and they take off in another craft. The campers and the police reach the crash site where they see a body on the ground. To their shock it suddenly rises into the air, surrounded by a red sphere. What goes on inside they do not see or hear but the television viewer does. Inside the sphere Hayata, Shin is unmoving an silver and red being stands over him. Tho Hyata's eyes remain closed and his lips do not move his voice and the voice of the alien from Nebula M78 are head talking to each other. The alien was transporting the Space Monster Bemular when it escaped. He followed it to Earth and accidently crashed his travel sphere into Hayata's patrol craft. To save Hayata, Shin he gives him his life, by merging into him. Before doing so he drops a Beta Capsule onto Hayata's body and tells him to use it in an emergency. The red sphere then explodes.

Space Monster Bemular Supergun

The other three male members of the Science Special Search Party (SSSP) arrive on the scene, having left the female member back at the base. The find the campers and police officers unconscious. They revive them. Then they Hayata's crash ship burning and realize he could not have surived that crash but where is his body? The campers and police tell them what they saw. THe SSSP men ask them to help them search for Hayata's body. They spend time searching but find nothing. Fuji, Akiko back at the base radios the Captain to find out whats happening. He says they will keep searching for an hour. She brings their young mascot Hoshino, Isamu to the microphone. And the Captain pretends he believes they will find Hayata alive to sooth the boy's feelings. And Fuji knows it, she turns away from the boy so she cannot see her cry. There is an explosiion in the lake and Space Monster Bemular shows itself. The SSSP members shoot at it with their "Superguns" driving it back underwater.

VOL Jet Super Submarine S16

Back at SSSP base, Fuji and Hoshino are overjoyed to receive a radio call from Hayata. He dodges her question about where he has been and orders her (as second in command of SSSP) to bring the Special Submarine S16 to the lake. Hoshino wants to go but she says they don't have Cap's permission. Fuji flies the submarine to the lake attached to VOL Jet. After the leaves the submrine in a lake, Hayata appears in a boat heading for the submarine. When Cap radios him to ask where he has been for a day, he simply says "he rescued me" then goes on to say they need to take out Bemular. And he's going to take the submarine and try to take out the monster while it sleeps but aska Cap to be ready with a VOL Jet. Fuji picks up the other men.

Space Monster Bemular Space Monster Bemular

Hayata fires a torpedo at Bemular but that just drives the space monster to the surface. Cap orders "Ultra Opertaon No 1" into action and fires a missile at the monster, which drives it back underwater. Hayata fires two torpedos at the monster. It surfaces and Cap fires two more miissles at it. Back under water, two more torpedos. Bemular surfaces but this time is angry and fires it heat beam at the VOL Jet. Misses and dives again. Surfaces again, with the S16 submarine in its jaws. Cap orders his men to attack the monster from behind. They comply and Bemular spits out the submarine , when it hits the grownd Hayata is knocked out. Bemular missins the jet again with its heat beam but then advances on the submarine and doesn't miss the stationary target. Hayata comes to inside the burning submarine, opens the hatch and for the first time uses the Beta Capsule to become the giant warrior from Nebula M78 (not yet given a name).

Ultraman Ultraman

The two giants fight. When the blue light on the silver and red giant's chest stars blinking red the SSSP men speculate correctly that its an indication that the giant warrior is running out of energy. When the warrior hurls Bemular into the water the monster retreats into is blue Travel Sphere probably attempting to flee the Earth, but the giant warrior destroys it with his "Specium Ray" (not yet named either). The alien warrior flies away. The other SSSP members search the submarine but its empty, not Hayata. But he comes running (probably thoping to get back before them so h ecan fake being unconscius the whole time). He does pretend not to know what happened to the monster asking Cap "what happened to Bemular?" The captain tells him "an alien drove it away". Hayata says "So he really appeared." When asked the aliens name he says he doesn't have one but then Hayata decides to call him "Ultraman". When Fuji asks if Ultraman hasn't gone away, Hayata says his spaceship was destroyed so he cannot leave Earth. (Which may have been the oriignal idea but later we will see Ultras flying around space without a Travel Capsule. although they do still sometimes use them.)

Note: Bemular's roar is Godzilla's roar in reverse.

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