Episode 10: The Mysterious Dinosaur Base
(featuring Ruffled Dinosaur Jirahs)


The Science Special Search Party (SSSP) sets out to invesitage the sudden increase of fish in a lake not known for its fishing. Unknown to them the lake is the home of the giant monster, Jirahs, created by a mad scientist Professor Nikaido. Hayata and Ide are inside a jet, Arashi a submarine which they drop in the lake. Despite using sonar an an undwaterwater camera with a search light nothing strange is found (the audience sees the monster's tail pull inside a cave). Cap back at HQ tells Hatyata, Arashi and Ide to take advantage of the freeh air, granting them "epecial leave". They spend it in a hotel near the lake. Ide showers, Hayata reads, Arashi eats. A reporter and photrapher vist the scientist calling himself Nakamura.to ask about the Loch Ness Monster that suposedly exists in Scotland. Fifteen years ago Proffesor Nikaida disappeared after visiting Loch Ness. After discover the photpgraphers cigeratte lighter is also a camero he kicks them out of his lab. That night the woman reporter goes night fishing wiht Ide. They see a disturbance in the lake, Ide wants to radio the rest of SSSP but the reporter spots Nakamura and talks Ide into following him first. Idea takes an SSSP logo sticker off his boat and puts it on a tree to mark their path. The two of them enter a cave. The cave leads to the scientist's lab. He takes them prisoner at gun point and breaks Ide's radio when Hayata tries call him. That was a misake because it alerts Hayata and Arashi that something is wrong. The crazy scienits has Jirahs show its face and rants about how it took him 15 years to raise Jirahs and Jirahs is more important than life itself. Should be clear now that .

Jirahs Jirahs

Cap and Fuji fly to the lake. Hayata and Arashi drive from the hotel to the lake. Ide works on repair his radio. Two lazy men in a boat decided they can catch fish faster by throwing piosn in the lake. Dead fish float up in front of them but this apparently annoys Jirahs because the monster appears behind them. Arashi fires Spider Shot at the monster. Nakamura attacks Arashi ranting about Jirahs' being his creation. Hayata calls the scientist "mad". He tears off his mask and wig revealing that he is actually the missing Professor Nikaido.. He then runs away, shouting at Jirahs to go on a rampage. When he runs towards Jirahs it looks like he was trampled on by his creation.. Ide finally fixes the radio and calls for help as Jirahs is heading toward the lab. Arashi is supposted to distract the monster with his Spider Shot while the others rescue Ide and the reporter. Hayata hangs back. Arashi radios that the Spider Shot is drained of energy. As Cap, Fuji and the photorapher reach Ide and the reporter, Hayata is finginer the "Beta Capsule". Cap burns the lab door lock of with his Super Shot. Hayata outside the cave uses the "Beta Capsule". Jirahs tosses bolder into the air and blasts it with its breath weapon. Ultraman tosses a boulder into the air and blasts it with "Specium Ray". When Ultraman laughs at the monster it tries its breath weapon on Ultraman who dodges it than rips the frills of the monster, leaving it with a red, bloodied neck. Ulltraman treats Jirahs like a bull uisng the frills like a cloak. The two wrestle before Ultraman strikes Jirahs a fatal blow. After Ultraman flies away, it turns out the mad scientist wasn't quite dead, he crawls to the body of his creaturue and dies beside it.

Professor Nikaido who orders Jirash to attack is the first human villain in Ultraman.

Note: Jirahs costume is a modified Godilla (1964) costume and the roar is a modified Godizilla roar and its breath weapon is Godzilla's.

Note: future episode descriptions will simply summarzie the plots, they will not be so detailed or long. (Stopped being fun after a hand full of episodes).

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