Episode 11: The Rascal From Outer Space
(featuring Brain Wave Monster Gango)

Gango Gango

Kids are out playing when they spot a "UFO" (small flashing light) they follow it where it seemed to have gone. At first the cannot find it. One of the boy's picks up a strange rock and says "this is it" but other boy who doesn't think it is takes it from and says "its just a rock, marbles would be better" as the rock hits the ground it turns into a bunch of marbles for a few seconds before turning back into the strange sphere. The kid's decised the marbles were a trick of the light and the rock is returned to the boy who found it as the others leave. He then says "it be neat" to have the rock turn into a race car and tosses the rock which then turns into toy racing car on a track. Realzing this rock is magic and turns into anything you wish for as long as you keep thinking about it. he tells the other children. They put the rock on an oil drum and stand around trying to wish for things. It becomes a birthday cake and then a piano. And then Hoshino, Isamu takes the rock to the Science Special Search Party headquarters. It was then taken to the Science Center to be analyzed. The rock is determined to not be from Earth. During a press conference one man wishes for a bride and a woman in a white wedding dress appears. As everyone is leaving a man attaches a radio receiver with a speaker to the bottom of a chair. Then uses his radio to call for the rock to turn into a liquide so it can slide under its cover on a table and then into a rocket so it flies out the building's window and into his car window. He drives off with the stolen alien object. In his hotel room the thief wishes for a monster. He did not say giant monster so he got a human sized one. He uses the monster to scare hotel staff and other guests. Later, when its a rock again, he wishes for a much bigger monster. But the monster is so big it bursts threw the hotel building causes the cieling to colopase on the man who is rendered uncounscious. Rathering than causing the monster to turn back into a rock this results in the rock being stuck in the last form wished for. The man is taken to the hospital and military defenseive forces called into to deal with the rampaging monster. When Gango knock's Hayata's jet plane into the ocean, he becomes Ultraman. He spars with the monster but is the rock theif awakening and forgetting about the monster that destroys the monster, it turns back into the rock.Later at SSSP HQ, Hayata says they should ask Ultraman to take the troublesome rock back into space, the picks it up as if he knows where to find Ultraman. Fuji tries to follow him but he closes the door literally in her face. The episodes ends with Ultraman in space and the narrator saing that Ultraman returned the mysterious rock to deep space..

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