Episode 12: Cry Of The Mummy
(featuring Mummy Monster Dodongo)

Mummy Mummy

Dr. Iwamoto digs up a 7,000 year old mummy. It comes to life after absorbing electricity and starts killing people. Dr. Iwamoto wants it taken alive so he can study it to find out how it was able to hibernate for so long. Of course it doesnt give the Science Special Search Party (SSSP) that option. When it starts killing police officers in front of them they are forced to use "Spider Shot".

Mummy Monster Dodongo Mummy Monster Dodongo

When the mummy colapses the real threat bursts forth from the cave the mummy was found in, a giant monster. SSSP succeeds in blinding the monster but that just causes it to go on a blind rampage, endangering Arishi and Ide. So Hayata becomes Ulltraman to finish off the poor creature. Ide once again suspects that Hayata is Ultraman.

Note: Dodongo which has four legs is the first monster played by two men in one custome.

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