Episode 16: Science Patrol Into Space
(featuring Alien Baltan II)

Alien Baltan II Alien Baltan II

While the others attempt to rescue the pilot of Otori the first manned ship to Venus which has been attacked by Baltan who survived their last encounter with Ultraman, Ide and Fuji have to deal with Baltan attempting to invade the Earth. ide's newest weapon works well on the Baltan until they retreat to their shielded ship. And on Venus, the Baltan leader uses their newest inventon to reflect Ultraman's Specium Ray back at him. Ultraman slices the giant sized Baltan in half. The Baltran on Earth cause much destruction until Ultraman teleports himself to Earth. He trikes to slice another Baltan in half, but the learn quickly, its able to generate a shield blocking the attack. But a beam from Ultraman's eyes brings down the shield and the Baltan is destroyed. Apparently the many other just retreat.

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