Episode 17: Passport To Infinity
(featuring Four-Dimensional Monster Bullton)


The SSSP rather foolishly puts two piece of meteorites toegether and they fuse into one and grow into a giant monster in their storage room. Worse than that the meteorites transport Cap, Arashi, Ide and a visiting scientist and his secretary into another dimension. Fuji, Hayata and Hoshino, Isamu are outside the affected area. In the affected area normal physica laws do not apply. They can entter a rooma and find themselves standing on the cieling or down a hall way and suddenly find themselves outside. In the normal world the miliary sends tanks against the strange monster but it wipes them out. They try jets but it takses them out too. Hayata's had enough and becomes Ultraman. He's eventually able to reflect its attacks back upon it and then it takes two blasts of the Speciam Ray to shrink it, then he picks it up and crushes it to powder. Hayata is found apparently unconscious by Hoshino, Isamu. Hayata later tells cap that Hoshino, Isamu rescued him so cap asks him what he would like for a reward. He receives a SSSP uniform.

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