Episode 19: Demons Rise Again
(featuring Aboras and Banila)

Banila Aboras

A construction crew in Tokyo digs up two strange capsules, one found and taken by scientists to examine and one unnoticed as was collected with the dirt and later dubbed. Hit by lightining the red capsule released the Fire Monster Banila. Zapped by a scientist trying to open it the blue capsule released the Foam Monster Aboras. While other scientists were trying to interpret an ancient text which would have warned them not to let either capsule be opened.

Banila and Aboras Aboras

The two monsters hate each other and eventually start fighting each other. Weakened by SSSP's attacks Banila is killed by Aboras. When the SSSP realizes they have drained all their guns shooting Banila, Hayata becolmes Ultraman to deal with Aboras.

Notes: The Aboras roar is Baragon's roar. The Aboras costume is a modied Red King costume and is later restored for us as a Red King costume. The Banila roar is a speeded up Anguirus roar. Ultraman does not battle Banila only Aboras. Aboras was a tough kill, it took three blasts of the Specium Ray.

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