Episode 2: Shoot The Invader
(featuring Alien Baltan)

defense base

Ide, Mitsuhiro has a black eye. He looks right into the camer and asks if it stands out, Fujii says it more thans stands out. Ide than explains to the viewing audience how he got the black eye. Flashback to 38 hours earlier: its the middle of the night, a peaceful night according to the narrator and every one is sleeping except for Ide, Mitsuhiro who after countin 12,520 sheep still cannot get to sleep, because he shares a room with Arashi, Daisuke who snores. An alarm sounds and the two men slide down a pole to find Captain Muramatsu waiting for them Fuji, Akiko waiting for them. The defense base detecited a UFO transmitting a powerful signal but the signal suddently stopped and the UFO vanished. Hayata, Shin was aleady in the area of the defense base and went to check it out. He reports the coordinates where the singal was lost and both bases wait for the "electronic brain" to determine where exactly this is. Paris Headquarters confirms that no country has launched a satellite at this time. Arashi, Daisuke is embarrsed when the captain points out that Arashi is wearing slippers not his uniform shoes. He was a little too much in a hurry getting dressed. He has to change before heading to the Science Center at Gotenyama. A plane leave Haneda Airport reported a fire ball traveling at Mach 5.

Alien Baltan

Arashi, Daisuke discovers that Hoshino, Isamu has snuck into the SSSP car in order to go on the mission, without permission. At the Science Center, Arashi tells Hoshino to stay in the car as he goes inside. A phone rings but no one answers. He finds a security guard inside paralysed, unmoving. That he is hit by a red beam is paralyised. Two human sized aliens appear, then four, then they merge into a single creature. Hayata arrives at the Science Center with some souldiers.. Hoshino sasy Akira has not reported and the "loud lady" keeps calling on the radio, but he says there is nothing to report. Hayata enters the center. Hoshino reports their arrival but thinks he needs to report Hayata's every step but Fuji silences him after the first couple meters. The alien appears, splits into two and paralyes a soldier each before reuniting. Hayata finds Arashi. And tries to shoot the alien with a Supergun but it has no effect. The alien in front of him vanishes another one attempts to sneak up on. Hayata fires again. The alien laughs before vanishing. Hayata decides to retreat for now. Later, a a meeting is held at the Defense base to discuss what to do about the aliens. Captain Muramatsu suggests trying to communite with them before taking anyh military action. The miltary men of course want to find their space ship and fire a Hagetaka Nuclear Missile at it. But the captain asks what if this latest military weapon does not work on the alien vessel what then? He wants to find out what they want and if its reasonable to give it to them so they will leave. It takes all night but finally its decided to give the captains idea a try first.

Ide, Mitsuhiro heads to the science center to attempt to talk to the aliens while the Defense Forces prepare the Hagetaka Nuclear Missiles just in case. Ide is armed with "Spider Shot" in case he has to fight. Hayata enters the building but waits down the stairs. Ide encounters mutliple copies of the alien, finaly it reduces itself to one and takes him the the roof before vanishing. Arashi appears but speaks with an alien voice. Ide is so scared he stutters and speaks untinteligably. Hayata appears and asks the aliens through Arashi "Why did you come to Earth?" The alien answers 'The reason we came to Planet M420, this place you call Earth, is..." The narrator takes over and says their planet Baltan was destroyed by the nuclear tests of a mad scientist. They were traveling through space looking for a new home their ship was damaged so they landed on Earth to make repairs. Through Arashi, again, the Baltan says they landed at the Sciene Center because there is a diode they need to make their repairs here. But seeing what Earth is like they have decided to make it their new home. Hayata turned on his radio so SSSP headquarters would hear the conversation. Hayata suggests that they could stay here if willing to live with Earth customs and laws. When he asks how many Baltan there are the answer is 2.03 billion. They shrunk all but one of their kind to the size of bacteria and have them sleeping in their space craft. When Ide objects that the Earth population is 2.2 billion, Hayata asks why the Baltan don't on Mars. The answer is "on Mars there is our hated....." and then Arashi's lips keep moving but no sound comes out. "This conversation is over, we will have the Earth".

Alien Baltan giantsized Ultraman"

Arashi collapses and the one Balatan appears. Hayata throws a SSSP Meteor logo shapped sharikan at the Balatan's shadow rather than the Baltan. It seems to hit the wall, but the shadow bleeds. The Baltan giantsizes. Ide and Arashi retreat. Hayata takes out the Beta Capsule but the giant Baltan knocks him down and the Beta Capsule rolls out of his hand and he is rendered unconscous. Two of the missiles are fired abd the Baltan falls down But a second comes out of the body. It blasts a building setting it on fire than flies away. Hayata recovers but he knocks the Beta Capsule off the roof, it lands on window ledge below. As it flies it targets buildings below. At SSSP headquarters Cap. realizes that wha the Baltan's hate on Mars is "Specium". There is none on Earth, unless "he has some..." Hayata is contemplating jumping off the roof and catching the Beta Capsule on the way down before he hits the ground and most likely dies. again. Screaming, he does it, leaving a shocked Ide confused. Ultraman wrestles the Baltan in the air, he chops one of its limbs, reducing the effectivness of its attack although it still destroy one structure on the grownd triing to shoot down Ultraman and missing the moving target. Ultraman lands shooting up from a knewling poistion hits the Baltan in the air with his "Specium Ray". The alien bursts into flames and grashes to Earth. Ultraman shines lights from his eyes to find the invisible Baltan space ship. Which he then grabs and carries away. Then there is an explosion. Flash back over: Ide says that for a moment he thought Hayata was Ultraman, Hayata laughts and Ide agrees such a notion is impossible. He still hasn't explain his black eye so he a second flash back: everyone went to bed. And this time Ide is sleeping and snoring. Arashi has counted 15,805 sheep when Ide suddenly rolles out of the top bunk and hits the floor, giving himself a black eye.

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