Episode 26: The Prince Of Monsters (Part 1)
(featuring Ancient Monster Gomora


Osamu, a boy who believes in monster is given the title "Prince of Monsters" by his classmates mocking him. (Why they don't believe in monstes when Tokyo has been nearly wiped out numberous times by giant monsters is beyond me). Meanwhile, scientists on an island in the south pacific are looking for fossil evidence to prove a theory that a monster, Gomora, once lived on the island. Instead they find the monster very much alive. Captain Muramatsu actually agrees that the SSSP should help transport the monster to Japan, for the International Expo. The tranquilizing gas invented by a member SSSP US was supposed to keep the monster alseep for 6 hours but Gomora woke up at five hours while still be transported to the expo building forcing the three SSSP jets carrying the monster to release it to avoid crashing. SSSP's Super Guns an Spider Shot have no effect on Gomora but being shot at by the SSSP and the military annoys it so it burrows under the ground to escape. When it shows up in Osaka, Ultraman appears apparently in repsonse to the "Prince of Monsters" (the boy) calling his name. While restling with the monster, Ultraman drops the Beta Capsule which the boy picks up not knowing what it is. Ultraman is nearly exhausted. his "Color Timer" fading when Gomora borrows into the ground to escape again. Ultraman flies away.

The Millcreek Entertainment Blu-Ray set call this episode "The Monster Highness (Part 1)" which just proves the most literal translation is not always the best.

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