Episode 29: Challenge To The Underground
(featuring Golden Monster Goldon)

Goldon Goldon

Japans largest gold mine suddenly stops producing gold. And then the giant monster Goldon bursts forth from the mountain. The monster travels faster underground than above ground sound Ide introduces his newst invention, the Underground Tank Vellucidar. Vellucidar. is damaged tangling with Goldon underground. On the surface Goldon is killed by Arashi. but Fuji is hurt. Hayata gets Arashi to take Fuji to the hospital. Ide repears Vellucidar but as they are trying to reverse out of the mine they run into a second Goldon. Cap is able to fire a torpedeo which sends the second Goldon fleeing to the surface. Where Hayata becomes Ultraman and kills it.


Ultraman then burrows into the Earth to safe the .Vellucidar and its crew. Arashi returns just in time to see Ultraman fly away. 150 tons of gold was extracted from the monster's body.

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