Episode 32: Endless Counterattack
(featuring Scorching Monster Zumbolar)

Zumbolar SSSP Japan and India

Hayata rigs a raffle so he wins the right to escort Patty from SSSP India branch on her one week vacation in Japan. (Yes she's cute if you like short haired women. I'm old fashinoned I like long hair on women). SSSP is called up to put out a brush fire (actually a forest fire) near a construction site, ending the vistor's vacation. Hayata and Patty arrive on the scene by car after Arashi and Ide have put the fire out by jet. Hayata notices a river has hot water, which is odd. Then there is a brief Earthquake. All this turns out to be caused by a giant monster, which destriys a chemical plant because it likes fires. Despite being on vacation, Patty pulls her Super Gun and joins Hayata in shooting at the monster. She gets hit by a piece of debris and passes out but seems to recover. She shoujld have been hospitalized because she keeps fainting then claims to be all right. The rest of SSSP Japan puts on the fire. Hayata radios Cap to let him know the monster radiates extreme heat. The monster disappears in the smoke and most of SSSP returns to HQ. Where they speculate monsters are appearing because Japan is expanding, keeps tearing down green places to build more homes and business. Once again the Japanse Defense Force throws tanks at the monster when it reappears (they must build tanks 24 hours a day 7 days a week without rest). Outside Ikenosawa, Hayata leaves Patty, telling her to drive to Tokyo why he watches for the monster, because if it gets through Ikenosawa it will make it to Tokyo and burn it down. But she doesn't go and interupts him just as he pulled the Beta Capsule out of his pocket. Ide drops a bomb he calls "Freezing Bullet" on the over heated monster. They land the jet. Patty passes out again. Arashi is temporarily blinded by a flash from the monster before he can shoot it with Spider Shot. Patty recovers and wishes Hayata "good luck", She presumably thought he was going to join the ground assault but he runs ahead and uses the Beta Capsule. (How she didn't see him is not explained, maybe she fainted again). After they beat on each other Ultraman takes out the monster with an extra long Specium Ray. His color timer never flashes, stays blue the entire time. Patty meets the rest of SSSP Japan and when they hope she can enjoy her last couple of days vacation she tells them she's already seen Japan's three main attractions: earthquakes, kaiju and Ultraman. They all laugh.

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