Episode 33: The Forbidden Words
(featuring Alien Mefilas)

Alien Mefilas Alien Mefilas

Hayata and Fuji take her younger brother Satoru to an air show. Fuji never mentioned having a brother. He was probably invented to replace Hoshino, Isamu for this episode. Note: in the English dubbed version of the series Isamu is renamed as Fuji's younger brother. He is not related to her in the original Japanse version. Anyway, a voice only the boy can hear tells him planes flying is normal and boring. Then a "boat" (actually a tanker ship) appears in the air. Planes vanish and the boat explodes. Arashi and Ide using the rocket engine equiped Jet VOTL fly into space and find the missing jet planes. As well as an SSSP Car. But there is no sign of Hayata, Fuji or Satoru and they return to HQ depressed. Answering a strange report Cap, Arashi and Ide head off in a second SSSP car and find a giant Fuji walking around Tokyo. Meanwhile. Satoru awakesn inside an alien spaceship and meets Mefilas who wants the Earth but does not want to take it by force, he wants Satoru to say the words "I will give you the Earth". Satoru's reply "No! Never!" Mefilas trys over a trade, to take Satoru to a planet with not wars or accidents where he could live for hundreds or even thousands of years. The boy does not fall for that. He puts Satoru in a room with no gravity. He brings Hayata into the control room and Hayata laughs at him.

Alien Mefilas giant Fuji

"Mefilas: "What's so funny, Ultraman?"

Hayata : "Mefilas, your guess was completely wrong. No human would sell the Earth. Even a child like Satoru, wants to do good things for the Earth, and would never throw it away!"

"Mefilas: "Shut up! What are you Ultraman? Are you an alien, or a human?"

Hayata: "I am both. I was born to fight those who break universal laws, like you."

"Mefilas: "Don't kid yourself. I will make this beautiful planet my own."

Hayata: "Mefilas, I won't let you...." Hayata pulls the Beta Capsule but Mefilas paralizes him before he can flip the switch.

He asks Satoru again to say the words but the boy makes no reply. Infuriated he orders the giant Fuji to go on a rampage. It stars smashing buildings

Alien Baltan illusion Kemur Man illusion

Soldiers start shooting at Fuji. SSSP stops them.. Fuji vanishes and a laughing Alien Baltan (Ultraman episdes 2 & 16) appears in her place. Then Idea spots a Kemur (Ultra Q episode 19).

Alien Zarab illusion Alien Mefilas

And finally Arashi looks around and sees Alien Zarab (Ultraman episode 18). They appear to be surrounded. From his ship, Mefilas announces that he deplores violence but but could order these three aliens to attack if the SSSP wants to fight. He tells them Satoru will soon grant his request and the three giants vanish. The SSSP of course doesn't know what the boy is being asked to agree to. We finally see that Fuji is floating beside her brother. The boy continues refusing to say the words. Mefilas' ship which it turns out is not in space but on the ground is attacked by the military. Their jests are destroyed but the SSSP attacks from two of their jets which seem to be immune to Mefilas' weapons Mefilas flees his ship.. Cap and Ide land ane enter the alien ship. They are able to rescue Fuji and her brother. but don't know how to help Hayata and when the ship stars rocking the leave him behind. He falls over and his thumb hits the activaton switch on the Beta Capsule. His ship destroyed Mefilas finally giant sizes.

Alien Mefilas

Ultraman tells Mefilas to return to his planet. Mefilas calls Ultraman a spy. They fight.But seem evenly matched. Eventually Mefilas decides this battle is pointless, Concedes he failed in is plan to gain control of the Earth and leaves, but swares he will one day return to try again. This one doesn't as far as I know but others of his kind do try. Again, Ultraman's Color Timer stays solid blue, no flashing. Hayata shows up to contragulate Satoru and staying strong. When Ide comments about Fuji being back to normal size she doesn't know what he is talking about. (All the giants except Mefilas himself were illusions)

Note: a second Alien Mefilas will appear in Ultraman Taro (episode 27) and a third in Ultraman Mebius (episode 43-47).

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