Episode 34: A Gift From The Sky
(featuring Megaton Monster Skydon)


The episode is clearly a self parody, the series poking fun at itself.. One night a meteor fell to Earth bringing with it the a fire breathing monster. Which try as they might, SSSP could not defeat. This is a less than serrious episode. It starts off with Cap calling Hayata to use a Jet VOTL to deliver him an umbrella, which Hayata drops out of the jet and Cap catches. (in reality it would have been like dropping a missile and would have killed someone). Fuji answers the radio in the middle of the night in her nightgown and Arashi and Ide fall out bed. SSSP's three attempts to capture Skydon are totaly redicoulus.

Skydon Skydon

Operation Wire Lock: they attempt to catch it with cables attached to three Jet VOTLs. But the monster is far too heavy. The others release their cables but Hayata's jet still attached is tossed around and flung to the ground by Skydon. Hayata only survives by becoming Ultraman. But the lazy monster refuses to fight and its soo heavy even Ultraman cannot lift it and his blows have no effect, his fists cannot pierce its thick hyde.

Skydon Autogyro Skydon

Ultraman is nearly crushed to death when he tries to lif the monster which just ignores him and goes to sleep. Drained of energy, Ultraman has to fly away. Hayata drags himself back. Operation Autogyro: with the two remaining Jet VOTL they attach a giant propellor to the monster to fly it away. It seems to work, and they celebrate back at HQ with beer (and salad). But when the base is rocked with an "earthquake", Cap releaises the gyro ran out of fuel before it reached orbit and dropped the monsters.

rocket Skydon

Operaton Rocket: they attack a rocket to the monster to blast into space (it worked once before). They shoot the rocket into the monster but Skydon is much too heavy for the rocket to lift all it does is awaken the lazy monster and send him chasing after them. The SSSP team runs away. They stop running and shoot it with a tranquilizer so it will go to sleep. Which is all it wanted to do in the first place. They make their final attempt to send Skydon back into space: Operation Monster Balloonization: they pump Skydon full of hydrogen to send him floating into space. It was working. But they forgot to enform the military and when fighter jets on manauvers spotted a "UFO" they shot it down.


Their lunch interrupted by the news of Skydon being shot down Cap nearly chockes to death and Hayata runs out of SSSP HQ and tries to henshin with a spoon! Quckly corrects his mistake. Ultraman destroys Skydon by simply crashing into it head on.

Note: a Skydon ghost appears in the Monster Graveyard in Ultraman Mebius (episode 21). The Monster Graveyard is introduced in the next episode of this series.

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