Episode 35: The Monster Graveyard
(featuring Ghost Monster Seabozu)

Seabozu Seabozu

Ide and Arashi are patroling space, they report seeing nother unsual and then they keep spoting spectral forms of monsters defeated by Ultraman, Kemular, Antlar, Neronga. And then they spot one they do not recognize. They call this part of space The Monster Graveyard. Back on Earth, hearing them talk of the Monster Graveyard where the spirits of monsters Ultraman killed Hayata feels bad about having to kill them to defend the Earth. SSSP holds a "Monster Funeral" to honor their fallen foes. At the same time Japan launchs a rocket to the moon. Shortly after entering space the rocket falls back to Earth carrying a monster. SSSP forgetting their grief over having to kill space monsters launch an attack on the poor creature that was just standing there and does not fight back. It was their attack that damaged the city. The poor confused creature starts climbing a skyscrapper. It stand on top of the building, crying. Fuji is the first to realize it just wants to return to space but its attempt at flying fails. It walks off into the night. But SSSP finds it and shoot at it again. Again it does not fight back. And eventually the men realize its not threat, it just wants to go home. Cap talks to the scientist who's rocket accidently brought the monster to Earth. He agrees they should try to use their second rocket to take it home. SSSP attach cables to the monster to drag it to the rocket and tie it on. But of course the monster doesn't understand what they are trying to do and breaks free. Hayata becomes Ultraman. The fight is shown through a series of still photoes instead of normal video. When the monster stops resisting Ultraman attempts to carry it back to the Monster Graveyard but he's already too low on solar energy and he crashes back to Earth before he is able to leave orbit.

Seabozu Seabozu

The others find Hayata and he suggests using another Rocket but making it look like Ultraman so the monster will understand they want to send it home. But it still doesn't understand and when Hayata tries to grab the monster with a cable from his jet it attacks so he becomes Ultraman again. And again he has to fight it. When it surrenders he pushes it to the rocket. Finally clinging to the rocket the monster is sent back into space. Ultraman follows to make sure it arrives home safelty. Later SSSP patrols the Monster Graveyard but finds no problems. There the monsters are peace.

Note: Introduced here in the original Ultraman the Monster Graveyard appears, were the spirits of dead monsters reside in peace, not only in the Showa era series but also in some Heisei era series which are not even set in the same universe.such as "Ultraman Tiga" and "Ultraman Gaia". Its second appearance is in the animated "The Ultraman" as the source for all the monsters. In Ultraman 80 (Showa) the monster Myu (episode 15) was taken from the Monster Graveyard. In Ultraman Mebius (Heisei but same universe as Showa) GUYS travels to the Monster Graveyard in response to a distriss signal from there (episode 21).

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