Episode 39: Farewell, Ultraman
(featuring Space Dinosaur Zetton)

Zetton Zetton

The final episode of the series introduces Ultraman and the SSSP's most powerful foe, Zetton. It beggins with a fleet of flying saucers heading towards Earth. Science Special Search Party Paris Headquarters, New York, London, Moscow and Japanse branches are all alerted by satellites in orbit around the Earth. The alien vessels will arive at 0024 Greenwhich Mean Time or 09:24 Japan time., thats in 40 minutes. Paris orders all branches to be on alert but not to attack unprovoked. Captain Muramatsu orders Fuji to alert the Air Self-Defense Force to be on highalert. He tells Arashi to notify the police to also go on high alert. Dr. Iwamoto assumes the flying saucers will target "the two superpowers" and he says flying saucers have been scouting the Earth since 1930. Since he says "the enemy has been waiting 40 years" to invade, that would place the year as 1970 (so three years after the episode originally aired). The ships prove their intent his hostile by destroying any communications sattelites they encounter. The first shiips to enter orbit are detected 500 kms from Hawaii. The next report is they are heading for Japan, not the USA or Russia. Japense Air Defense manage to shoot down a few saucers before being wiped out. Paris HQ reports that the saucers appear to be targeting SSSP Japan and Ultraman, before targeting the rest of the planet.. Paris wishes Japan "good luck". Captain Muramatsu orders his troops to "move out". Meaning, Arashi, Hayata, Ide go on the offensive with him while Fuji and Dr. Iwamoto remain at HQ. Dr. Iwamoto remembers there is a new weapon and tries to take it to the others, but he is attacked. The SSSP HQ has been infiltrated. The three Jet VOTL's had left anyway. While the men of the SSSP are taking out the flying saucers something is impersonating Dr. Iwamoto, Fuji is in grave danger. The imposter strangles Fuji and destroys the communications panel with an energy weapon. The largest of the alien ships breaks formation and manages to allude Hayata and Cap. While Arashi and Ide succeed in finishing off the smaller ships.

alien Zetton

Unable to raise, Fuji, Arashi and Ide hurry back to HQ. They find Fuji who awakens long enough to thell them Iwamoto attacked her. Cap and Hayata arrive just as Arashi spots Iwamoto running away.. While Ide takes care of Fuji, Cap, Hayata and Arashi run after Iwamoto. When they catch up to him they discover he is an alien and Hayata shoots it with Mars 133, as it vaporizes it says "Zetton. Zetton".The last saucrer appears, lands and explodes, releasing Ultraman's most powerful foe (in this series) the giant alien monster Zetton. Hayata shoots Zetton with Mars 133 but it has no effect. The real Dr. Iwamoto, wakes up and calls for help. Cap sends Hayata and Arashi to rescue him from the smoke filled HQ. Arashi runs ahead. Hayata turns back and transforms into Ultraman. Ultraman tries to immobilize Zetton but fails. Ultraman dodges Zetton's energy blast, which hits the SSSP HQ and returns fire but Zetton puts up a shield to block Ultraman's energy ring. Zetton is physically stronger than Ultraman.

Ultraman Zoffy

Ultraman fires his Specium Ray but Zetton just absorbs it. And fires back, twice, Ultraman's Color Timer is damaged. Ultraman colapses. A series of flashacks shows some of Ultraman's victories. Dr. Iwamoto gives Arashi a new weapon attachment. Zetton attacks SSPP HQ. Arashi fires the new weapon and Zetton explodes.Arashi and Ide active the SSSP HQ fire suspression system. A second Ultraman appears and lifts the wounded Ultraman into a red sphere where they talk. The messanger from the Land of Light, is Zoffy and he's telling Ultraman its time to come home. But Ultraman will not sacrfice the wonderful human Hayata. Zoffy says he has brought two lives, one shall be given to Hayata. Than he seperates Ultraman and Hayata. Zoffy leaves the red traphel sphere to push it back to the Land of Light so Ultraman can be healed. When Cap yells at Hayata that Ultraman is leaving, Hayata looks up at the red sphere. And says its the sphere that crashed into him at Ryugamori and asks "what happened since the crash?". Hayata has no memory of hosting Ultraman or anything else that happend since the crash. its all gone. He just looks confused as the others wave goodbye to Ultraman. And suddenly joining their voices are a chorus of children saying goodbye to their hero.

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