Episode 4: Five Seconds Before The Explosion
(featuring Undesea Primitive Human Ragon)

rocket Ragon

A rocket carrying 6 atom bombs intended for use on Jupter crashes into the ocean. One of the bombs detoned underwater, causi9ng a tidel wave. Four others were recovered.. Fuji who hasn't taken off a single day since joining Science Special Search Party (SSSP) is granted leave and she's taking Hoshino with her. A ship at sea is attacked by a giant monster, Ragon (orginally human sized but grown to a gaint after being exposed the atomic radiation). The last remaing atom bomb. is attached to Ragon's shoulder. The ship is sunk but one man survived and was rescued.. Hayata is sent to the hospital to find out what the man knows. He's delirous but he repeats "white trail", "monster" and "atom bomb". An American airliner reported a white trial moving towads Japan. Naturally Fuji and Hoshino are asked by a woman to watch her daughter for the afternoon. But when they spot it while trial they forget about her. Arashi is sent to the coast by plane, Hayata by car and by ferry. Ide is disappointed to be stuck at the base with the captain, doing Fuji's job.

Ragon Ragon

When the monster comes to shore it is Fuji who recognizes it as a Ragon. She reports it to the captain who reports it to Hayata. Ide's standing beside the captin. yells crabs the microphone and yelss that Hayata should hurry. But Hayata is stuck on a ferry boat that takes 30 minutes to get there. Remebering the girl, Fuji and Hoshino hurry to her hotel room where she is napping while the Ragon is outside her window.Fuji grabs the girl, and Horsohi stand in front of them protectively. He then trows a knife at the monster. Fuji loses her communications device. The monster was apparently annoyed by having a sharp object hurled at it because it starts to stalk the woman and two children. Hayata is finaly able to drive his car ashore. Arashi from his jet spots the Ragon going after Fuji and reports the danger. Cap and Hayata both tell Arashi not to fire as he may set off the atom bomb. He then tells Hayata that what ever happens he must get the atom bomb. Arash doesn't fire on the Ragon but his flying around it annoys the Ragone and its movements threatend to cause the atom bomb to fall, and potentionally detoniate. The Ragon shoots down Arashi's jet, but he prachutes to safety. Ide suddenly recalls that Ragon's are attracted by music. So Capt has Idea contact "Maritime Self-Defense Force" so that a ship be sent to play music to draw the monster back out to sea. The plan doesn't work. the music actually agitates it. Cap surmrises that the radion that giansized it destroyed its fondness for music. Hoshino taunts the Ragon to lure it away from the females. Hayata catches up to Fuji and the girl and tells Fuji to go find Arashi. Hoshino's plan works too well as he is backed to a clfif edge. Hayata becomes Ultraman to save the brave boy. Ultraman catches the bomb when it falls of the Ragon but then he drops when the monster attacks him, it hits a bush but does not detonate. The bomb falls againt and its 20 second timer begins to count dowm.. When the monster tries to zap Ultraman, he returns the favor and it falls dead in the ocean. Ultraman picks up the atom bomb and flies away with it. Arashi counts down the remaing 10 seconds. In space the bomb detonates. Leaviing he humans to wonder if Ultraman survived the blast. Hayata appears and assures Hoshino that Ultraman is "invincible".

Note 1: Ragon is the first Ultra Q [episode 20] monster to appear in Ultraman. The same costume is used.
Note 2: Ironically Furuya, Bin who was the uncredited suit actor for Ultraman was the uncredited Ragon suit actor in Ultra Q.
Note 3: Ragon's roar is Baragon's roar from the movie "Frankenstein vs. Baragon" (1965).

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