Episode 6: The Coast Guard Command
(featuring Feature Sea Monster Guesra)


Fuji reports that a large shark was found beached with bite wounds and it turns out boats have been disappearing too. Hoshino is with two friends a girl and a boy. They're sharing binoculars. The girl sees a ship unloading cacaco beans, the other boy, Chiro, sees a sea monster but Hoshino doesn't take the other boy seriously instead of spies on two men on shore. He thinks they are behaiving suspiciously. They all head to pier 4. Hoshino lost track of the men, Chiro tries to get thim to look to the ocean for the monster. He finally talks him into calling the SSSP but then Hoshino sees a wanted poster in the phone boath and realizes one of the men is a smuggler. So instead of reporing the monster he reports the diamond smugglers but Ashari tells him that's a police matter to call them and hangs up. Chiro trying to describe the monster he saw bumps into a sailor who claims what he describes is Guesra, a South American lizard which loves cacaco beans. When the Guesra appears again, it far larger than it should be and more aggressive.When it attacks (and sinks) a cargo ship SSSP launches but it goes underwater. The children decided to check out the warehouse the cacaco beans have been taken in case the Guesra goes there (having just seen it sink a ship didn't impress upon them how dangerous it is). Naturally that's where the diamond smugglers are, looking for diamonds hidden in bags of cacaco beans. The smugglers grab the children and leave without the diamonds. SSSP has a plant to lure the cacaco Guesra to keep it away from another ship carrying cacao beans and they head to the warehouse. Arashi finds the diamonds and Fuji a children's shoe. The other ship arrrives too soon and the Guesra sinks it before diving back underwater.. The children have been locked in a room, Hoshino works on picking the lock. The radio reports that the SSSP is on patrol in case Guesra returns. The smugglers complain to each other about all this Guesra stuff keeping them from the diamonds. The SSSP spots Guesra and reports its heading towards Nakahio where there is a warehouse full of cacaco beans. The sailor tells Cap, Ide and local officials that removing Guesra's antennas will kill it. Cap says the jet's Super Guns are half strength under water and orders Hayata, Arashi and Fuji to return so they can form a plan.


Hoshino,has picked the lock. And the children attempt to leave the warehouse. When the Guesra appears, Cap tells Arashi not to fire because its normally peaceful unless provocted. But of course when the smuggers see it the fire bullets at it which just makes it angry. The children run out of the whare house, Hayata runs in, to catch the smugglers. Guesra drops the roof on Hayata who drops the Beta Capsule! Assuming Hayata has been killed, Cap order Arashi to shoot the monster with is Spider Shot, then hey and Ide also open fire with their Super Shots. Thus giving Hayata time to recover the Beta Capsule. The weapons not harming the Guesra, Cap orders a retreat. The monster is about to crush them to death inside their car when Ultraman appear to gently lift the car iino the air. He places it down out of harms way. Guesra first monster to die without Ultraman having to resort to using his "Specium Ray". The children cheer Ultraman as he flies away. Fuji is about to tell Hoshino that Hayata was killed when he appears having captured both smugglers. Everyone, including Hoshino's friends goto SSSP base where Fuji serves the children chocolate.

Note: the Guesra costume was the Pete costume from "Ultra Q [episode 26] with extra fins from the Ragon costume.

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