Episode 7: The Blue Stone Of Baradhi
(featuring Magnetic Monster Antlar)

Antlar Antlar

A meteor hits the middle east. Invetigators from Turkey and India have all disppeared. Paris asks the Japanese Science Patrol. SSSP to take over the investigation. Fuji is left behind in Japan as the rest of the team plus "Jim" from Paris, head out to the mysterious Baradhi. As they are aproaching where the meteori landed they encounter a magnetic beam which damages their jet causiing to make a crash landing. Fuji tries to radio the jet, they can hear her but she cannot hear them. Ide has bumped his head. Ide is left to fix the radio while the rest leave the downed jet to walk to Baradhi. They find the meteor. Then they hear a roaring sound. Ide looks up to see out a monster out the window. He runs out looking for the reast of the team. When he catches up to them and trries to point out the monster its not there. Hayata moves a head and finds their jet has been destroyed. The sand nearly swallows Arashi. When the monster shows itself Cap tries shooting with Spider Shot but the weapon goes flying out of his hands. Retreating from the monster the team finds themselvs outside the "mysterious city of Baradhi". Jim notices that city is near Mount Ararat. When they meet the locals they don't seem to speak Japanse. Jim tries Arabic and Hebrew but they don't seem to understand those languages either. Then "Chartam", a woman in blue appears and wearing somekind of crown appears/ She seems to speak pefect Japanse but denies ever having left this city. She claims she can read their minds. (She showed no sign she knew Hayata's secret from reading his). She tells them how Baradhi was once a great trading center but then people stopped coming and thouse who left were never seen again because of the monster Antlar. The city itself is protected by their god "Noah". Cap wonders if this could have anything to do with Noah's Ark. But Noah in this case is a stature that looks like Ultraman. In the statue's hand is a blue stone, which Chartam says protects the city. But depsite the blue stone, Antlar appears and stars demolishing the city. Chartam is the day Antlar is finally fated to be destroyed. The SSSP fire their SuperShots at it but it generates magnetic waves pulling the guns out of their hands. Hayata rescues an old woman and carries her out of sight. She's unconcsious so he uses the Beta Capsule. However, Ultraman's "Specium Ray" has no effect on Antlar. Chartram takes the blue stone and hands it to Cap who throws it Antlar hitting the monster in the head, killing it. Fuji shows up in another jet to rescue the men.

Antlar is the first monster to survive being hit by "Specium Ray"

Note: Antlar's roar is a sped up Rodan roar.

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