The original premise of this series was the monsters are created by "Minus Energy" as result of negative emotions of humans, after three episodes this premise seems to be all but forgotten as the space monsters and alliens start appearing. Ocassionally the writers will make a brief return the idea of "Minus Energy" monsters. "Minus Energy" monsters appear in episodes 1, 2, 3, 36 and 49.

Crescent Gikogilar Hoe

Episode 1: Crescent* - first Earth based monster in five years, created by "Minus Energy", no specific human is indentied as the source
Episode 2: Gikogilar* - second monster created by "Minus Energy" probably from Tsukamoto, Yukio sadness and ager over being sent to a school his friends are not attending
Episode 3: Hoe* - third "Minus Energy" monster, created by the anger and sorrow of teenage boy Nakano, Shinichi who's faithless girlfriend dumped him for another boy in his class, Yamato, Takeshi thinks his feeling rejected by another teacher constantly breaking their dates is responsible but it isn't (reappears in Ultraman Mebius episode 41, Yamato, Takeshi is partially responsible)

Zandrias son and mother

Episode 4: Zandrias - first space monsters in this series, there were two of them mother and son, the son was angry at mother and hid on Earth, she came to take him home but he wont go, so Ultraman 80 attacks the mother to awaken the son's love for his mother, it works, almost too well, he has to play dead to get them to leave

Alien Bam Mechagiras Gorbagos

Episode 5: Alien Bam (first aliens in this series) and their giant robot Mechagiras, the aliens who know he is Ultraman 80 trap Yamato, Takeshi in "Fourth Dimensional Space" where he cannot transform, and send Mechagiras to attack Tokyo
Episode 6: Abdolaars - space monster brought to Earth by a space ship which attacked Singapore and Australia before heading for Japan and releasing this monster, one of Yamato, Takeshi's students a boy obssesed with astronomy has convinced himself he's an alien and that the UFO has come to take him home is nearly killed when the monster attacks

Noiseler Tabra Gabishale

Episode 7: Noiseler - space monster, destroys noisey things like super sonic aircraft and high speed passanger trains, it actually liked the music played by 4 teenage boys from Yamato, Takeshi's class and danced to it, if UGM hadn't fire on it it may not have become aggressive again, first monster not killed as Ultraman 80 lead it back into space instead
Episode 8: Tabra - 3,000 years ago this monster fed on the people of Japan until a mysterious "Warrior of Light" sealed it under a mountain (apparently in 1980 Tsuburaya hadn't decided how long the people from M78 live or what Ultraman 80's age is because Yamato, Takeshi thiinks this warrior might be one of his ancestors, however the Ultras are now said to live for many thousands of years and Ultraman 80 is said to be 8,000 years old, so calling it his ancestor no longer fits), an archaeologist who knew of the existance of the monster and the warrior also knew from hieroglyphics on a rock that Ultramane usually take a human form but everyoneelse laughs at the idea that it could possible by Yamato, Takeshi
Episode 9: Gabishale - comes out of the ground to attack oil refineries

Alma Jakki Shugaron

Episode 10: Alma - alien, childhood friend of Ultraman 80's, preteneds to be Yamato, Takeshi's wife
Episode 10: Jakki - Alma's pet, an artifical life form
Episode 10: Zuruzla - after Jakki absored "Minus Energy" from humans and was eaten by an elephant the animal turned into the monster Zuruzla, Ultraman 80 shrinks himself to enter the monster's stomach to remove Jakki

Medan small Medan giant

Episode 11: Medan - tiny monster hatches from an egg, destroyed but some cells survived inside a sea shell which was taken into UGM base, where they grew into a new monster, which attacked UGM support personnel and passed through UGM natural gas pipes into the city's natural gas pipe lines, this monster is so full of natural gas UGM cannot fire on it out of fear it explode and take the pipelines wiith it, and to make matters worse a thunder storm rolls in and a lightning strike could have the same effect (first episode in which Yamato, Takeshi is seen only as UGM officer not as a school teacher though he does mention having a class the tomorrow)

Milly Alien Vibros Gora

Episode 12: Alien Vibros & Gora - the girls in Yamato, Takeshi's class attempt to pull a trick on "Professor" (glasses wearing litttle boy) by leaving him a fake "secret admirer" letter but then he actually meets a girl named Milly, where the letter signed "M" told him to meet the girl, unfortunantly for "Professor" the girl Aoyama, Milly is not actually the daughter of an American man and a Japenese woman, who has been living in the Netherlands and so doesn't know Japan very well, as she tells Yamato, Takeshi but is actually an Alien Vibros who has made several attempts on the life of Yamato, Takeshi and ultimately releases the monster Gora to kill Ultraman 80, so her kind can conquer the Earth to use it as a base for further conquest of the universe, despite actually developing feelings for Hiroshi aka "Professor" (Yamato, Takeshi lies to Hiroshi, telling him Milly went back to the Netherlands when in fact she went back to her world, probably to be executed for failing to conquer the Earth, this is the last episode featuring the school or the students)

Alien Gorgon Saramandora Zarudon

Episode 13: Alien Gorgon & Saramandora - Alien Gorgon send Saramandora to attack Japan, while their agents assassinate the UGM Europe and UGM North American captains, when the assassin sent after Japan's Captain Oyama, Kazuki is killed by the captain its body turns into that of a woman and he is accused of murder, the aliens digused as humans lead protests against UGM , then they send a second version of the monster when they are exposed for what they really are (Saramandora reappears in Ultraman Mebius episode 17)
Episode 14: Zarudon - can hypnotise humans and teleport them it so it can eat them, but teleporting too many people is, exhausting it so it spends most of the episode sleeping

Mue Alien Ruria Devilon

Episode 15: Mue - a tiny, passive, alien creature brought to Earth by a member of the Space Mammy crew, a mad scientist aubducted it, experimented on it (torturing it). transforming it into a human sized creature and then into an agressive giant monster, which stepped on the scientist crushing him to death, Ultraman 80 shrinks Mue back to its original size and carries it back into space where it belongs
Episode 16 Alien Ruria & Devilon - Alien Ruria defeated a space monster Devilon, and trapped in inside a crystal which they launched into space, the crystal included a warning message, the crystal was found by an Earth space shuttle and taken to Earth where it was treated as a work of art, the message was translated too late, UGM Communications Officer Jono, Em was possessed by Devilon which transformed her body into its own, Devilon initiallty appears as a human sized monster, using telekiness to destroy property and telepathy to turn peaceful people into rampaging mobs, it only giantizes after some idiot solders from the United Nations Defense Army (the UN never gets anything right) shoos it with laser rifles, giving it the energy boost it was waiting for (it actually lifted two UMG officers out of the way of the soliders so they could fire, which should have clued those idiot soliders into the that fact it wanted to be shot), Devilon then used its telepahty on the three male human members of UMG so they would attack Ultraman 80 when Takeshi transformed

Lavras Daron Gymaira

Episodes 17 & 18: Lavras - UGM Chief Ito, Junkichi was transformed into this monster (the woman he's looking at is his girlfriend, a friendly alien in disguise), initially passive Lavras does not become aggressive until a strange roaring coming from a cave drives Lavras and the sea monster Daron mad, Ultraman 80 is at a disadvantage as he knows this monster is a human turned into a monster against his will
Episodes 17 & 18: Daron - sea monster, not once human according to the alien woman, controlled by roariing coming from a cave, Ultraman 80 doesn't care about sparing this monster at all and kills it at start of episode 18
Episodes 17 & 18: Gymaira - uses hypnotic gas to control humans so it can drain their blood, uses a ray that can turn living things into giant monsters, just destroys inanamite objects, the monsters howling drives other monsters into a killing frenzy, all that is seen of Gymaira in episode 17 are tenticles which attach to human's necks to suck blood out of them, Gymaira doesn't show itself the end end of episode 18, when Lavras comes to the aid of Ultraman 80, Gymaira apparently forgot its roat could control other monsters because it killed Lavras instead which leaves the Chief's dead body on the sure, this so aggrevates Ultraman 80 he rallies to kill Gymaira, the alien woman than sacrifices her life energy to revive the human she loved

Gaus Okorin Ball

Episode 19: Gaus - only survivor of a planet blown up by Earth, a red star was on a collison course with Earth so Space Mammy wes sent to delive almost all of Earth's nuclear weapons to blow it up, Yamato, Takeshi, knew that one of the planets orbiting the star, Gaus, was inhabited but he couldn't figure out how to tell the humans without revealing how he knows, that he is Ultraman 80, as Ultraman 80 he lets the attacking monster surrender and teleports to a new planet since it was after all just responding to the destruction of its home planet (not the first time the humans in an Ultraman series destroyed an inhabited world and the last survivor came seaking revenge)
Episode 20: Okorin Ball - probably the silliest episode, after a space ship carrying 50 men home to Earth after a mission of one year on the moon reports being attacked by "space balls"before vanishing, the balls appear on Earth disguised as various sizes and types of balls,in reality they are space vampires, eventually they form the monster Okorin Ball

Alien L85 Zuckal Kingstron

Episode 21: Alien L85 Zuckal - Zuckal is a Space G-Man, monster hunter from Andromeda galaxy, came to Earth seaking the monster which had killed his wife and children 20 years ago, when photographed at a scene of wanten destruction Yamato, Takeshi is so offended that an alien species he knows,is peacful would be blamed that blurts out that inhabitents of L85 are peacful and wouldn't do such a thing, of course he cannot explain how he would no such a thing (oosp), Zuckal giantsizes and tries to take down the monster alone
Episode 21: Gamos - the monster Zuckal is hunting, which actually resoinsible for the death and detruction

Queen Einus Underground Men Gomora II

Episode 22: Queen Einus & Underground Men - another underground race (4 billions strong), this group wants to blot out the sun
Episode 22 Gomora II - a paranoid UNDA officer launches an unathorized attack on the underground world awakening the monster Gomora II which is not a friend to any human, underground or surface world (Gomora originally from Ultraman episode 26), (Gomora reappears in Ultraman Mebius episode 42)

Amehza Alien Fantas Robo-Fo

Episode 23: Amehza - spance tanker. "Space 7" exploring the Amoeza Nebula is contaminated with space amoebas, when "Spacy Mammy" comes across the ship Yamato, Takeshi enters it to pilot it away from Earth, on an asteroid the space amoebas merge to form the giant monster Amehza
Episode 24: Alien Fantas - when a space ship appears over UGM's base in Tokyo and announces that they are the peaceful Alien Fantas and they are asking Earth to join their Great Galactic Federation to help forge a peacful united universe, Yamato, Takeshi knowing their reputation belives them. the only problem is these are not the Alien Fantas but androids the aliens created to work while the enjoyed themsevles, something went wrong and the androids killed their creators for "enslaving" them and want to conquer Earth to make slaves of humans (typical sciene fiction nonsense about robots going against their programing and killing their creators)
Episode 24: Robo-Fo - the space ship which brought the android Alien Fantas to Earth is used as a weapon to try to destroy every human once the android's true identities and plan was discovered

Argon Akuzone Gera

Episode 25: Argon - two UFO's appear over UGM headquarters in Japan, one is shot down by UGM, a female UGM trainee Jun, gets to the saucer before UGM officers and finding what appears to be a man, though she knows its an alien in disguise, who pretends to be friendly, instead of waiting for actual UGM officers to show up she takes him away so she can present him to UGM later in order to show up the only female UGM officer Jono, Emi, the alien eventual shows its true colors by transforming into the giant Argon to attack the UGM base, Jun than steals a UNDA jet to attack the monster (I think Jun should have been rejected as a UGM candidate and sent back home ifor showing such poor judgement and reckless behaivor instead of saying "when you are young you are allowed mistakes" and sent back to continue her training)
Episode 26: Akuzone & Gera - Yamato, Takeshi and Jono, Emi are sucked into in an alternate reality fighting the dimension hopping Akuzone (human sized) and their giant monster Gera or were they? After Ultraman 80 flies Joni, Emi back through the dimensonal rift, Yamato, Takeshi and Jono, Emi wake up, on the ground, on Earth not far from the smoking ruines of their crashed Silver Gul. Was what they experienced just a dream? (Morobashi, Dan and Taiin, Soga have a similar experience on an alien planet which the rest of the UG doesn't believe happened in Ultra Seven), [are they trying to make Yamato, Takeshi and Jono, Emi a couple? second episode in a row in which they are a team], (the final episode of the original UGM team although most of them are only seen briefly at the end, as two members Tajima, Hiroshi and Harada, Tokihiko transfer to UGM Australia before the beginning of the next episode)

Alien Argo Alien Argo

Episode 27: Alien Argo - homless wander after its planet fell into a black hole, came to Earth to eat humans, actually existed without physical form, appearing as a white foam and shadow, untl it took possession of a human scientist insteas of eating him, which resulted in ita demise as Ultraman 80 killed the giant it turned the man into, [third time Yamato, Takeshi and Jono, Emi are partnered] (this episode introduces two new UGM member Fujimori, Shinpachiro and Ikeda, Noboru)

Bal Zakira Kyasshi

Episode 28: Bal - (friendly baby monster bird) & Zakira (monster which eats Bals, killed the baby's parent now whats to eat the baby)
Episode 29: Kyasshi - after a 300 year sleep a monster under a mountain wakes up during a village's "Monster Festival", for which the villagers faked a monster by playing a recording of roaring and having actors flee in terror from a non-existance monster, realsing this monster wasn't evil, just hungry Ultraman 80 carried it away instead of killing it [should have been a "Minus Energy" monster produced by the villagers greed instead of just a sleeping monster that finally woke up this year]

Alien Zatan Zatan Silver Zora

Episode 30: Alien Zatan & Zatan Silver - two of these alians disguised themsevles as humans, a reporter friend of UNDA Public Relations officer Sera, Teruo, and the reporter's camera man, after they were discovered they summoned the giant robotic monster Zatan Silver
Episode 31: Zora - a little girl befriended by Yamato, Takeshi (during the day when he should be teaching school and oddly enough he tells her not to be late to school but leaves himself to UGM when he's only supposed to work with them at nights and on Sundays finds an alien seed that came to Earth and plats it in her garden, the result is a giant monster that looks like a plant but moves around like an animal and inhales large amounts of oygen and gives off carbondioxide, like an animale instead of takeing in carbondixodide and giving off oygen as plants do, in fact it absorbs so much oygen its a threat to human life

Barrack Ship Gazera

Episode 32: Barrack Ship - some mysterious force is sinking ships at sea, at first the waters near Japan seem safe but of course that doesn't last, the mysterious force turns out to be an experimental computer controlled, unmmaned cargo ship which after striking an iceberg and sinking 15 years ago has redsurfaced and is attacking other to use them to build itself into an iceberg prove ship so it can carry out its last programming and return to Tokyo bay (Barrack Ship is similar to Iron Rocks from Ultra Seven episode 21, except that ship was controlled by aliens)
Episode 33: Gazera - a glowing green sphere enters a child's toy monster which the boy calls Gazera, to turn into into a real giant monster, according to Jono, Emi the glowing sphere was the spirit of a previouslu killed monster looking to rampage once more [I thought it was going to be a "Minus Energy" monster caused by the sick boy's fear of surgery]

Angoras baby Angoras mother

Episode 34: Angoras - a new type of fish caught of the coast of Japan turns out to be the baby of a giant fish (not really a monster, just a huge fish) and it wants its baby returned, when the baby is released mother and child return to the depths of the sea

Fire-Draco Kuwaganda Alien Baltan V

Episode 35: Fire-Draco - 300 years ago a 3 head dragon was defeated, its 3 heads cut off, those three heads repear in the form of two circus performers, a fire breather dressed in red, a strong man dressed in blue and a young orphan boy dressed in white (since Yamato, Takeshi can communicate with the boy telepathically they must actually be aliens), when they boy who is tasked with polishing the "Dragon Gem" he actually steals it and when all three touch the gem they vanish and Fire-Draco appears, the monster is actually over powering Ultraman 80 until the white head rebels and bites the red head's neck
Episode 36: Kuwaganda* - a boy trying to keep a stag beetle alive through the winter loans his pet to a friend when the friend's mother throw it out in the cold and it appears to die the boy is enranged, later a giant beetle monster appears (to the same sound effect as used for "Minus Energy" monsters) and heads for the boy who's mother killed the beetle (the narrator states this monster is an embodiment of a child's anger but doesn't use the words "Minus Energy", it siil has to be a "Minus Energy monster" even if the narrator and the UGM officers fail to use the words), after the boys apologise to each other the beetle stops fighting Ultraman 80, crawls back into the ground, the next day when they dig up the normal sized dead beetle, after Yamato, Takeshi stares at it, it comes back to life
Episode 37: Alien Baltan V - disguised a child allowed to fly in a jet with Yamato, Takeshi, it wants to capture Ultraman 80 to put him in a zoo (originally from Ultraman episode 2 and Return of Ultraman episode 41)

Ghostdon Tetsuon Space Plant

Episode 38: Ghostdon - two men die in a truck crash, the driver lives long enough to tell his son a monster caused the crash but no one believes the boy until the monster strikes again (this episode is as annoying as Ultraman Leo episode 46 which it copies, monster after monster appears on the Earth yet know one belives a monster forced a truck off the road), Ghostdon is actually an evil spirit seaking a physical form, when two boy indulge in a kite fight (a discusting concept teaching young boys exactly the wrong things) with one kite painted with Ultraman 80 on it and the other with a monster painted on it, Ghostdon picks the monster on the kite for its form, lightning from this monster causes Sky Higer piloted by Yamato, Takeshi to crash, he parchutes out but the monster hits him with a bolt, on the ground Yamato, Takeshi tires but failes to transform, for the first time he's afraid he's going to die, then he hears the voice of the Father of Ultra speaking to him from the Land of Light and spured on by his commanding officer's command to "rise and fight as a bolt of justice against evil" he does so
Episode 39: Tetsuon & Space Plant - a boy named Tetsuo swallows a seed from a space plant and is turned into a friendly, human sized monster, when Tesuo wants to be human again Ultraman 80 shrinks himself to enter his stomach to fight the Space Plant that's growin in his stomach and made him a monster

Sumo Boy Jihibikiran Barebadon

Episode 40: Sumo Boy & Jihibikiran - a spirit that appears as an unnaturally strong,young boy who likes to sumo wrestle, until gets angry then he becomes a giant, tricked by two thieves to attempt to climb an electric fence the shock makes it angry, Jihibikiran isn't evil it just wants to wrestle so Ultraman 80 challanges Jihibikiran to a match, after which it reverts back to Sumo Boy form and returns to sleep in the mountains for 20 years
Episode 41: Barebadon - first combat free episode, a giant space bird swallowed a remote controlled model airplane so the giant space bird is controlled by the boy who has the plane's remote control. until the creature spits out the plane while trying to eat a crow, then the boy riding on its back is in great danger (yes its as silly as it sounds), there's no fight, the bird drops the boy, Ultraman 80 catches him and the giant space bird returns to space without UGM launching a fighter jet or Ultraman 80 firing any rays at it

Zurasuimar King Galtan Alien Galagala

Episode 42: Zurasuimar - a monster sleeping under a statue, awoken when the statue blown off its base by two theives who think there is 2 billion yen hidden under it (there isn't)
Episode 43: King Galtan & Alien Galagala - attempted to conquer the Land of Light and lost their prince as a result, came to Earth to get revenge by killing Ultraman 80, UGM suffers its first death of an officer and Ultraman 80 reunites with an old friend from home

Delusion Ultraseven Alien Baltan VI

Episode 44: Delusion Ultraseven - after being ran over by a street thug on a dirt bike a young boy ends up in the hospital where he dreams of his hero Ultra Seven appearing to save him, in the real world the boy's spirit enters his Ultra Seven doll which giant sizes and hunts down the motorycle gang forcing a battle between Ultraman 80 and what appears to be his kin Ultra Seven [this should have been a "Minus Energy monster"]
Episode 45: Alien Baltan VI - 2nd attempt by a Baltan to conquer Earth while Ultraman 80 is there, first appears humansized, and disguises itself as various humans, its evil scheme is to get a boy to take fake UFO pictures, this episode makes no sense to me at al,l and again Yamato, Takeshi lies to children, good thing he's no longer a school teacher after all,

Marjin Red King III

Episode 46: Marjin & Red King III - Marjin is a genie who lives in a jar, he grants wishes (toys and games), exhausted after granting many wishes he misunderstands a wish for "Red King just like the real one" and instead of conjuring a toy Red King he summons the actual giant monster (Red King originally from Ultraman episodes 8 & 25)


Episode 47: Glovusk - a disgarded baseball glove is turned into a giant monster by ultraviolet rays (once again this should have been a "Minus Energy" monster, created by a child's anger and disappointment but wasn't) [the "science" in this episode is totally wrong, ozone is actually created by ultraviolet rays and it absorbs infrared rays, not ultraviolet, as long as the sun exists there will be ultraviolet rays producing ozone, pollution is not destroying the ozone layer, on the contarary it is increasing ozone layers at the surface of the Earth, and that is a problem as too much ozone is toxic]
Episode 48: Idantenran - a normally friendly monster which lives on 'Death Mountain" and only comes to town disguised as a teenage boy to race in marathons, only becomes its monster and runs around at high speeds destroying nearby buildings, since he's not actually evil or a mindless beast Ultraman 80 defeats him without killing him. and back in his human form he runs back to Death Mountain.

Plazma Margodon

Episode 49: Plazma & Minazma - brother monsters which nearly defeat Ultraman 80 (because Yamato, Takeshi was wounded by Minazma before he could transform) , untilf Princess Yullian comess to his aid, the last two monsters actually fought by Ultraman 80
Episode 50: Margodon - the series final monster came from space, to suck all the energy out of Earth, during the final battle Captain Oyama, Kazuki reveals to Yamato, Takesh that he and the Chief know he's Ultraman 80 and while he thanks him for his help in the past he asks him to stay out of this battle because humans need to be able to defend the Earth without alien assistance, plus 80 was wounded in the previous battle and should go home to heal and rest up, this is the first time an Ultraman series ended with the final monster killed without help of the Ultraman.

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