episode 13 title

Episode 13: Garadama
(featuring Garamon)

Garadama (meteor)

A meteorite falls to Earth. The boy found it took it to his lady teacher who took it to a male teacher who took it to Professor Ichinotani , he and his team of scientitsts determineded its made of Tilsonite and its eminating high frequencey radio waves, until it suddenly stopped. Professor Ichinotan asks the teacher to take him to the area where it was found. In a helicopter flown by Jun with Ippei, they fly over Yumigadani which is near a dam. The area attracks lighting strikes and "Garadama", the local name for meteors. When the land they meet the boy who found the meteorite and the professor asks him to show where exectly he found it. The fouir men and two other boys follow him across the dam and up into the hills. Two women are standing on the damn, looking down and talking about where the house one of them lived in as child was before the dam was built and flooded the old vllage.. They head off to catch a boat. The men and boys reach the hole the meteorite was found in. Jun and Ippei search for more fragments. On the boat the women are looking down into the water and the flooded village. The boat's pilot is playing music on the radio. The music is suddenly replaced with static and the pilot looks up in a panic. Another meteor can be seen coming their way. When the massive flaming meoteor hits the lake it creates a huge wave, washing away the small boat, sending water over the dam and wiping out an electrical power station. The teacher heads out to try to get his three students to their homes. The professor asks Jun to see if he can make ito a house with a phone to contact his lab, Ippei suggests he contact Yuriko too because she'd like this story. Jun decides it might be better to just contatt Yuriko and ask her to contact the lab.


The boat had landed on the edge of a cliff supported by two small trees. The professor and Ippei see it and Ippei says he hopes no one was in it when the meteor struck. The pilot of the boat was up top was killed but the two young women who he had sent inside managed to survive. Yuriko receives a phone call from Jun and heads to the research lab as requested. Jun finds the professor and Ippei who have found meteor. The doctor recognizes it as the same material, Tilsonite, as the much smaller meteor from 3 days ago. Ippei sees movement in the boat so he and Jun head out to rescue whoever is in it. But before the can reach the boat, the meteor cracks apart, releasing an alien monster. Juna and Ippei manage to rescue the young women before the creature smashes the boat. At the lab the male scienitsts don't take the woman reporter serieously as they don't think she's logical. But when she comes to the conclisions that the high frequence radio waves from the first meteor which have started up again are controlling the monster at the dam, Professor Ichinotani , at the dam and with no way of knowing whats happening at the lab, supsec the sudden appearnce of this monster and the meteor in his lab are connected and whats Jun once again make a phone call to find out whats happening in the lab. The creature, which the professor surmiszes is actually a robot, spins around and collapses. Back at the lab the scientist finally decice to open the small meteor and while they ultimately fail to cut it open their sawing on it does interfere with the "electronic brain" inside. When the stop trying to break the meteor the robot stands back up. Yuriko asks if the radio signals can be jammed. Ippei says its heading toward the dam, but the professor says its heading toward Tokyo because that's where its brain is, the dam is just in the way. It bursts through the dam. But then as the scientists in the lab cover the meteor in a "radio blocking net" the robotic monster falls over, inactive. But as the narrator states, even if the electronic brain is destroyed the aliens may try again a second or third time to invade the Earth.


Note: A second and third Garamon will appear in episode 16. The two Garmon episodes were actually filmed one after the other as the last two episodes of the series to be made.

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