episode 14 title

Episode 14: Tokyo Ice Age
(featuring Peguila)

A jet plane reports being unable to get its flaps down, instead of landing it hovers over the runway before crashing and bursting into flames. As black smokes covers Haneda Airport it is suddenly iced over as if hit with a winter storm, in seconds. Yuriko apparently not aware of the airport freezing over in the middle of summer is taking photoes of a typical summers day for a sunday paper for tourists when she meets a boy who came to town looking for is father who came to town to work 6 months ago and hasn't been heard from since. Meanwhile, Ippei and Jun who also apparently haven't heard about the frozen airport find a drunk asleep in their airplane when they carry him a seasonal workers pass falls out of his pocket. At the newspaper office Yuriko's boss calls her an fool for blathering on about a boy and his lost father when Haneda Airport is frozen over in the middle of the summer. While talking with her boss the boy has vanished. Told to find someone who has explored someplace cold Yuriko suddenly has an idea. At their little airport Jun has noticed the temperature has dropped to 5 degress. Ippei thinks he's the sleeping drunk before somewhere before. Yuriko appears wondering why its so cold. Then she asks Jun about his experience at the South Pole a year ago. When Jun mentions Peguila, Yuriko assumes its come to Japan and responible for the cold. She phones the paper but her boss laughs it off as he's just lurned that a nuclear power plant melt down in the South Pole raised the temperature and several iceburgs driffted north cooling the northern seas and bring cold weather to Australia, Indonesia, and the Phillppines as well as Japan. So now she is assigned to find the boy and his father and write that story.

Peguila Peguila

She finds the boy, in the lobby of the newspaper building. she takes him back upstairs and gets himsomething to eat.. While he is eating and she is writing the beginning of the story, you guesd it, black smokes rolls past the newspaper office window and Peguila appears. Roaring like Godzilla, it smashes building and breaths out a white cone of forst. The editor phones city hall tryiing to get them to use Peguimin H agains the monster but the science burecrats say it hasn't been approved by their scientits and hang up on him. Unable to reach Jun by phone heads out by car, with Yuriko and the boy. The radio in the car suddently stops working. Ippei and Jun have discoverd they cannot reach anyone by phone. The drunk awakes and pulls a revolver out of his shoe. Military aircraft attack Pequila but it just annoys the giant monster. The car is tossed around my the monster's breath The man holding his gun on Ippei and Jun says is going to borrow their plane. Ippei finally recognizes him as a WWII Japanse fighter pilot, the man denies it claming he's just a jewl thief. Inside the car, no one is harmed but the car wont star and they can only get one door open, just enough for the boy to squeeze through. He goes to get help and is nearly killed by the monster. He stumbles into Jun's office and collapses after stating the name of a research center where Peguimin H can be found and pleading "save the reporter lady". The man with the gun recognises the boy as his son, Haruo but the boy fainted without even noticing his father was there. The boy's father picks him up but then hands him to Jun to take care of, Jun passes him on to Ippei and runs after the boy's father. He thinks he is running away but he wants to do as his boy asked and "save the reporter lady". He tells Jun to look at the stormy sky and says only he cany fly through that. He takes off in June's cesna. (I hope June has good insurance). When the man picks up the Peguimin H he is told to becareful because it is laced with explosives. As soon as he flies into the storm created by the monster the plane ices over. He manages to circule the monster once before saying "Haruo..." and then deliberty crashing the plane into Peguila. The resulting explosions does not kill the monster the Peguimin H only drives it away from Japan, making Peguila someone elses problem. Later, Haruo bords a train and does not show any outward sign of grief as Jun, Ippei and Yuriko wish him well and invite him to visit sometime. Once the train starts moving the camera pans down to show a box containing his father's ashes on the seat beside him. He looks down at the box.


Note: Peguila is the first monster to appear in two episodes (5 and 14). The two Peguila episodes were actually filmed one after the other as the 15th and 16th episodes produced. Based on dialogue in this episode however, they are set one year apart.

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