episode 18 title

Episode 18: The Rainbow's Egg
(featuring Pagos)

episode 18 title

As a truck carrying an egg shapped capsule contaiing enriched uranium is heading towards the construction site of a new industrial city they sky darkenss, there is an avalanche and a giant monster appears to set the truck on fire and send it roaling off the mountain road. The monster than burrows back underground. Later a group of children are looking for bamboo shoots because an old lady they call "grandma" likes them. One one of the girls wears a bamboo flower in her hair the lady is startled at the sight. The girl correctly surmises that the old lady thinks the white flower blooming is a bad omen but the old lady not wanting to frighten the children instead tells them that if you can find a bamboo flower and the rainbow's egg your wish will come true. The children run off to find the rainbow's egg so they can wish that "grandma" could walk again. Only after their gone and a young woman tells the old lady about the landslide and the missing truck does she admit she belives the flower actullay means disaster. Manjome, Jun; Togawa, Ippe and Edogawa, Yurik are flying around in a helicopter looking for the missing truck. They find the driver and his assistant. At the hospital the assistant said he saw a "golden rainbow". As Jun wonders if this has something to do with the uranium the hospital seems to be hit with an earthquake, but the shaking doesn't last long. Yuriko looks out a window and sees a "golden rainbow". A young boy sees the same "golden rainbow" and runs to tell the other children, who were looking for the rainbow's egg at a chicken farm. One of the boy's claims to know a charm (spell) to make chicken lays eggs fast. It seems to work but all the chickesn do is lay normal white eggs. The sky darkenss and more the kids see the "goldne rainbow" and decide to follow it since they find a rainbow egg layed by a chicken.

Pagos Pagos

Jun telles Yuriko and Ippei a story about a "primitive animal" Pagos which attacked an uranium stroage site in Beijing. China. It shot an enery wave that looks like a "golden rainbow". Yuriko meets the chldren and tries to tell them a "bad adult" told them that lie about a rainbow egg granting wishes but they don't believe her. Ironically, Jun actually believes in the superstion of the bamboo flower bring disaster and starts listing some, the only one I recognized was WWI. To get out the search which they don't believe in one boy pretends to have a stomach ache and the other says he will help him get home. As soon as the other children are out of sight the boy is pefectly health and his friend said the trick worked. However, a third boy catches them and holds out his hand waiting for bribes not to tell the other children in the group. At the plant, Jun, Ippei and Yurkio are told that if anyting happened to the plant it would be a disaster for the town They are also told a "Neo Neutron Missile" will be arriving in 30 minutes to deal with the monster. Pagos appears. The chidren skatter. The oldest girl and a boy who cannot speak above a whisper find the rainbow egg, the missing uranium capsule. But that is just what Pagos is after. The boy is afraid and wont go near the "egg". The girl tries to drag it off by herself she and it fall in a hole which saves her life as the monster passes over her while she's in the hole. As the monster sets about destroying the still being built industrial city the military arrives with not one "neo neutron missile" but two. The missiles will melt the monster. But the children arrive asking the adults not to attack because the girl is still on the mountain with the rainbow egg. Jun, Yuriko and Ippei realzing its the uranium capsule head out to find it and the girl, because if that capsule explodes it will be a greater disaster than the appearances of the monster. Flying around the find the girl not on the mountain but in the valley. Jun radios the plant to report that the child and the capsule are about 1500 meters away from Pagos. Its decided that is a safe distance and the order to attack is given. Both missiles are fired and Pagos litteraly falls to pieces. In the valley, the adullts try to tell the girl that is not a rainbow egg but a nuclear capsule but grandma is so glad to see the girl is okay that she stands up out of her wheel chair and walks, not very steadly but she walks.


Note: The Pagos costume is a modified Baragon costume from "Frankenstein vs. Baragon" (1965) movie

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