episode 2 title

Episode 2: Goro and Goro
(featuring Goro)

Goro Goro

A cable car full of tourists is heading up the Amagi Mountain, home to a native population of monkeys when a giant monkey grabs hold of the cables, its not actually hostile it just wants to climb them. Later it knocks over a milk truck and drinks the milk. Once a normal monkey named Goro by a young man named Goro who is mute., The money consumed walnuts laced with an experimental growth hormone Helypron Crystal G, developed for WWIII soldiers, and grew to giant size. While most of this is going on Edogawa, Yuriko is on Elyan Island covering a story on the natives there. It turns out there is a giant monkey there which the native people are able to live in peace with.


When the human Goro is taken to Tokyo to be questioned by the authorities for stealing food for the monkey, the big monkey follows looking for its friend. The monkey wasn't violent until soldiers and police shot at it then it smashed a building and tossed a police car. It destroyed power lines because it shocked it. Goro the human is freed from jail and given milk to feed the monkey. Goro the monkey drinks the milk which had ben laced with tranquilizers, without human Goro's knowledge. In fact the young man screams as if he thought he had killed his big friend. Once asleep it is to be transported to Elyan Island where hopefully it will be welcomed by the native people and the native giant monkey. Goro is the first giant monster in an Ultra series appear in Tokyo (I wouldn't call what it does attacking Tokyo).

(Television and movies always make monkeys out to be passive and the larger apes violent when in reality it is the other way around. Gorrilas are among the calmest, least aggresive of animals, while monkeys are among the most agressive. A giant monkey would be more of a danger than a giant gorilla because monkeys are more inclinded to violence.)


Note: The Goro monkey costume is a poorly disguised King Kong (tail added) costume from "King Kong vs Godzilla" movie, borrowed from Toho,

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