episode 20 title

Episode 20: The Primordial Amphibian Ragon
(featuring Ragon)

Ultra Q's version of :"The Creature from the Black Lagoon". The Ragon is a human sized sea creature it does not giantsize.

Ragon egg

Edogawa, Yuriko is assigned to cover the sudden eruption of an undersea volcano, naturally she turns to Manjome, Jun and Togawa, Ippei to fly her in a helicopter. over the area. and then on to Iwane Island to see Professor Ishii. She knows the professor and is friends with his younger sister.. Jun surprises her by knowing of the professor too. Jun tells Ippei to drop them off then fly the helicopter back because while Ippei may be free the helicopter has a schedule (apparently other pilots use it). The islands' governor wont listen to Professor Ichii who says the island is going to sink and refuses to send a ship to investigate the volcano he is too worried about saving money over saving his people. And other Japense scientists have rediculed the young proffesors findings (probably because of his age) so that doesn't help. Later, at the warf a fisherman tells Ichii about dead fish floating on the sea, that were headless or wripped open and thefore could not be sold. Another fisherman shows his sister a strange object that was found in the nets. He's chewed out by another fisherman for showing it. He reluctantly tets the professor take ti for study, under the promise he will return it afterwards so it can be sold, the fisherman assuming this unknown object is valuable. After Ichii and friends have left something drags one of the fisherman off a boat into the bay, he can heard screamng. Other fisherman climb into their boats and rescue him but iassume his screaming about a monster are a result of hitting his head (on what?) The professor after poking the thing with his finger and reading some book claims the item is an egg from an ancient sea creature Ragon. from 5,000 meteres under the sea (and like all evolutionists grossly exaggerates the age of the earth by a factor of 10,000 pretending their religion of Darwinism is science).

Ragon eggRagon egg

A Ragon comes ashore hunting for its egg, and a drunk man has a fatal encounter with it. The creature then terrifies a family who runs out of their home, before destroying a shack, The egg has vanished. Ichii's sister thinks the fisherman took it. Ichii is unconcerned with the egg as he learned what he wanted. He's convinced the egg did not come from the volcano which is only 1,000 meters deep and that the same shifting of tatonic plates which produced the volcano dredged it up from the depths of 5,000 meteres, which means Iwane Island is sinking faster than he thought. He predicts landslides and earthquakes will proceed the sinking. Yuriko wants to phone her editor but Ichii doesn't have a phone she will have to use the village police box. Jun volunteers to go instead but she insists on going with him. When they spot the Ragon in the woods the hide. After its past Jun realizes its headed towards the professor's home, tells Yuriko to wait for the villagers who are hunting the creature and heads of to wanr the professo but thickhead Yuriko doesn't know whats best for her and runs after him. The creature enters the backdoor, scaring Ichii's sister who screams, her brother drags her into the living room. Jun and Yuriko arrive too late with their warning. The professor doesn't understand while the Ragon hasn't burst threw the door to attack..Jun volunteers to check the kiitchen. The others are behind him when he looks in and sees the creature mesmorized by the music on the radio. When the music stops and the DJ talks it knockes the radio to the floor. And the same time villagers come in the front door and having some intelligence it goes back out the back door but it does not leave the area. There is an earthquake which the professor takes as the final warning the island is going to sink. The villagers decided they better warn the rest and try to sneak past the creature but fail. They try shooting it but its unharmed, Juno tells them to flee while he holds the creature. He uses the transistor radio, switching stations when the music stops on one, to lead the creature to a cliff overloking the sea. He tosses the radio into the sea hoping it will dive in after it but withouth the music in truns hostile however a second tremor sends the creature falling, bounching off or rocks before hittine the water below. When the villagers try to reach their boats to escape the island a second Ragon appears on the beach. The fisherman with the egg puts it down screaming. Its hatching. Because the men are all cowards the professor's sister carries the baby to the adult Ragon, who takes it and leaves peacefully. However,the earthquakes are getting worse. One boat waits for the professor and his sister. He feels sorry for Jun and Yuriko who wont make the boat in time. But never fear, Ippei is returning in the helicopter. The boat actually turns around as Jun and Yuriko are close to the shore now but they see the helicopter land and quikly turn back towards open water. Ippei doesn't seem to realize the danger and Jun and Yuriko have to tell him to shut up and take off. They just make it as the island sinks below them. And the narrator wanrs that someday the Japan may sink too.


Note 1: Ragon in this episode was portrayed by Furuya, Bin who goes on to play an uncredited role as "Ultraman" in Ultraman.
Note 2: Ragon is the first Ultra Q monster to appear in Ultraman (episode 4), having been mutated into a giant by an atom bomb blast. Although the same costume is used (worn by Izumi, Umenosuke) this Ragon will have the same roar as Baragon from "Frankenstein vs. Baragon",

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