episode 21 title

Episode 21: Space Directive M774
(featuring Alien Ruperts & Bostang)

Yuriko, Ippei and Jun are on a cruise, they are playing cards, Yuriko loses and in a huff leaves the cabin. On the deck she finds a doll. Holding the doll she looks up at the stars and sees a meteor fall. The doll starst talking, it says its name is Zemi of the Alien Ruperts and it warns that the Monster Bostang has arrived on Earth. Yuriko throws the doll into the ocean and runs back to the cabin.. Some brave reporter. The men don't believe her story (I hate this plot, people who have already seen aliens and monsters suddenly act as if they never heard of either and don't believe someones story. It senselss but every tokusatsu series I've seen does it at least once). Later, Jun is letting Ippei pilot the cessna airplane when suddenly the controls freeze. Jun tries to take control of the plane. No good. Both men fade away and the plan lands itself. Yuriko and some other airport worker witness the plane land but when no one exists the plane Yuriko rushes forward and opens the door finding the plane empty.

flying saucer Bostang

Jun and Ippei have no idea where they are. Ippei wonders if they are even on Earth until walking passed some boulders they spot a wooden building causing Ippei to shot joyfully that they're on Earth. The place appears to be a cafe but its on on a mountain top. Music is playing from a jukebox. The door shuts itself behind them. Coffee is brewiing itself. Otherwise the place seems abandoned. The jukebox switches from music to the same voice with the same message Yuriko heard from the doll. When Jun asks the jukebox questions the same voice answers, it brought them here to hear the warning they previously ignored. Zemi informs then that she is not actually on Earth but on planet Ruperts. Since the humans won't take the warnings of a disembodied voice seriously she's coming to Earth to pleade with them to defend themselves in person. They are to find Kyomii, Ichijo at the Central Library. The record stops and the voice speaks no more. Jun tries to put money in the jukebox but it doesn't work. A flying saucer lands in water, someone one walks ashore, only leggs are show, The saucer leaves. In the depths of the sea the "meteor"rleleases the stingray monster Bostang. Bostang destroys a tanker ship. Later, Jun and Ippei who have somehow been reuinted with Yuriko drive to the library in a car. They meet the woman Kyomi Ichijo when then reveals that she is actually Zemi, She came to Earth in obedience to "Space Directive M774" to help defend the Earth from invasion. She shows them a book about Bostang and explains the monster was sent to invade the Earth by Alien Keel. Later she tries to warn the captain of a coastguard ship that Bostang will atttack again, He's not certain the "shipwrecked" tanker was destroyed by a space monster but he lets Zemi, Jun, Ippei and Yuriko board his ship anyway. When Bostang is sensed by Zemi and seen by the Captain he prepars to attack but Zemi says the are no match for it. She recommends they shut down their engines and remain silent as the monster hunts by sound. It works, but then a cruise ship is seen and heard sounding its horn. The cruise ship is telegraphed to shot down its engines and await further instructions. The first mate is getting impatient waiting for reinforcments to arrive, he thinks they should try to leave the area, not beleving the alien woman's claims that it will be attracked to the sound of the engines. Bostang resurfaces, heading for the cruise ship with 500 passangers (today's cruise ships hold 5,000). To save the 500 the captain orders his ships engines turned back on. As Bostang approaches the coastguard ship the captain orders his men to open fire. As they beginning firing on the monsters their weaons seeming to do little if any damage their reineforcments arrive fighter jets which fire missines at Bosang. Its unclear if they are having any effect until the monster jumps out of the water and is hit dead cener and which point it explodes into little pieces. Later, walking in a garden with Yuriko, Jun and Ippei, Zemi says that she is going to live out the rest of her life on Earth and that meany peace loving aliens have in fact defended the Earth then taken up residenc here and starts poiting them out, the camer only shows the feet of people walking by as she says "that person too (about a dozen times) before looking at the camera and saying to the viewer "The person sitting next to you. That person could be an alien too."


Note: Zemi, the Alien Repurt is only seen disguised as a human woman. Alien Keen are mentioned but never seen or heard from, apparently they were unwilling to journey to Earth until it was cleared of humans by their monster Bostang.

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