episode 22 title

Episode 22: Metamorphosis
(featuring Morpho Butterfly & Koji, The Giant)

Morpho Butterfly Koji, The Giant

Three men hiking up a mountain find piles of bones and bare footprints. One of the tree thinks a very large man left the footprints. Another thinks its evidence of a yeti (abonimable snowman) living in the mountains. The third doesn't express an opinion. Later, at the newspaper, Yuriko's editor gets phone call and calls his "yeti team" (two men) to go check it out, Yuriko begs to be sent too. But then the phone ring again and it for her. She goes to meet a friend, Ayako, who claims the "yeti" is her boyfriend. Jun and Ippei laugh at Yuriko's story of someone boy friend being a yeti. But they end up going with her to see Professor Ichinotani. He thinks she's talking nonsense too but is willing to listen her friend's story. Ayako and her boyfriend, Kokji. who was obssesed with Amazoning "Morpho Butterflies" were out hikinh when he thought he saw one in Japan and went running after it. She follows after him and enters a cave. Inside that cave she sees giant butterflies flying over Koji who is gasping for breath having been poisoned by the butterflies. When the butterflies leave she tries to go him but he tells her to stay away, afraid she will get poisoned too. Than overcome with thirst he staggers out the back of the cave looking for water. She eventually runs out the cave too but cannot find him, she spent days looking for him and she finally found him by a pond, he had lost his shirt become a deranged giant who never spoke just grunted. When he reached for her she ran away.

Koji, The Giant Koji, The Giant

The two male reporters hearing of another yeti sitiing head out to find it and meet the giant. The run away terrorfied. Ayako wants Jun to fly her to the mountain. he's not interested. Yuriko shows up wanting the same thing, he's still not interested but the coward instead of standing up the two foolish women takes them up in his helicopter. And of course Ippei tags along. Soldiers are also heading up the mountain with the two male reporters falling behind. Those two decided to take a "shortcut". Yuriko's party come to where the water was but its dried up. With a roar, the giant appears. Soilders (wth magic revolvers that fire more than 6 shots each) shoot at the giant but it just makes him mad so that he roots out trees and through them at them. Yurkiko actually takes photos. Later, the two male reporters are chewed out by the editor for returning with nothing. Yuriko is praised for taking photos but then she gets made when they want to capture the "yeti" and refuses to tell them who it is. She begs the professor to help Ayako. Jun and Ippei arrive with bad news, the giant is coming down the mountain. Naturally the professor has a plan to safe the giant but only Ayako can lure him in to be cured. This time there are more soliders and they are armed with rifles and machine guns. The giant has left the mountains because there is water at the village below. Ayako climbs the water tower and the giant which seems to recognize her is calm at first but then as she begs him to return to the mountains he becomes angry and reaches for her. The professor zaps him with his "X Beam", a heat ray which he hopes will burn out the poison. The giant turns and flees back u the mountain. Jun, Yuriko, ippeo, Professor Ichinotani and Ayako follow after in Jun's car then on foot when they reach the end of the road. They find him restored to normal laying by a stream. Ayako and Koji are happily reunited. For the first time the narration ends with "until next week".


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