episode 23 title

Episode 23: Fury of the South Sea
(featuring Sudar)


The captain of a fishing vessel allows his adult son to stear the ship. As he is about to relieve him so the younger man cag get some sleep the ship in the middle of the ocean seems to hit something. A few moments later a crew member runs into the bridge to ask what happened and is dragged screaming to his death by the tenticle of a giant octopus As the opening credits roll the ship is crushed. Father and son make it off the ship, but the father calling for his son is unable to keep his head above water and drowns. The son, Yuzo, finding debris to cling survives to be found by a little boy and his older sister on a beech. Three days later, at the Daily News the editor wants to send Yuriko, Jun and Ippei to investigate "the Ocean of Death". He offer the men airfare and a bonus. They agree to go but Yuriko tries to refuse, first \claiming its not a job for a woman and then claims its because of the language barrier. But the editor already has an interpetor, a man named Minami. Back on the island, the surviving fisherman is trying to teach the young woman, Anita, Japanese, when he's attacked by a native man. Jealous of the stranger or just afraid of him? The native man flees when he hears drumbs. A warning that more strangers are coming. When Yuriko and company arrive on the island they find themselves surroned by native men with spears and one double-barreled shotgun. Minami. tries to negotatie the right to stay but the man with the shotgun keeps telling him to leave. They want no strangers on their island apparently. Then someone shouts "Sudar" and the locals scatter. Minami.does not recognize the word. Sudar, the giant octopus has come ashore and its hunting the boy who foundYuzo on the beech. Since his own people are too terrorfied to help Jun goes to his rescue. Jun and his friends are now welcomed to the island.

Learning that the giant octopus comes to the island Yuzo wants revenge for the lose of his father, the rest of the crew and the ship. Anita's father and other brother were also killed by Sudar. Never the less, the islanders consider Sudar to be their "guardian god", who keeps their island safe from strangers, and apparently the occasional sacrifice to it is acceptible to them. But not to their Japanese guests. {or me). When the try to get Anita, to tell them where Sudar's lair is she refuses to cooperate and runs out of the hut, Yuzo, goes after her convinced he can persuade her. He's correct of course. Jun and Ippei head out in thier boat to another island to call for an airfocr strike on Sudar. They find two local men suddenly hostile again in their boat and toss them overboard, Back at the Daily News are watching a televsion news report on the planned attack on the giant octopus. Back to the island, Jun and Ippei discover the natives having learned of their plotting against their "god" have taken Yuriko, Minami and even Anita prisoner. Both Jun and Yuriko belive the natives plan to burn them at the stake., Bombers fly over and drop depth charges over Sudar's underwater lair. When the natives hearing exposions (depsite it happening under water) they run to look giving Jun and Ippei a chance to free their prisoners. The bombing failed. Sudar comes out of the sea angry and flattens the village. But the people are not in their huts. Finally they fight back throwing spears at it. The man who attacked Yuzo earlier gets too close and is killed. Yuzo throws spears at Sudar's eyes. Anita grabs the shotgun from the local elder and shots Sudar. Jun and Ippei grab spears, ignoring Yuriko's cry "no, that's dagnerous". Of course it is Yuzo's spear the finally its the vital spot killing the giant octopus. And the native having finally turned on their "god" consider him a hero. To no one's surprise I'm sure, Yuzo stays on the island with Anita wishing the others "goodbye" (sayonara). From the departing boat, Yuriko snaps a photo of the couples standing on the beech.


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