episode 25 title

Episode 25: The Devil Child
(featuring Lily)

A guard rail on an elevated road is flapping, lose when it should be boldted tight. A man driving his car suddenly turns the wheel, screams and crashes. Two male reports take photes of the crash and wonder why the guard rail was loose resulting in the car which hit it going through to land on its side on the ground below. There have been a number of car wrecks around dawn in this area. Later, Ippei, Jun, Professor Ichinotani and Yuriko are attending a magic show. The magician has a little girl sit on a chair inside a cabinet, he waves his wand in front of her and she closes her eyes, the cabinet is closed by his two women assistants. The girl appears on top of the cabinet and seems to walk around in the air above the stage. Returns to the top of the cabinet and bows. She vanishes. The cabinet is opened. The girl is inside, her eyes closes. She opens her eyes and walks out and bows again. Backstage a woman, Chin, is combing the girl, Lily's hair. Lily wants her jade necklace but she says it was her grandmother's keepsake but Lily can have it when she dies. Lily's father Akanuma, the magician, comes to taker Lily to another room. Lily sits in a chair and her father plays a music cabinet then he waves his wand and she goes into a hypnotic sleep.

episode 25 title

A security guard encounters a ghostly laughing little girl (who looks exactly like Lily) and falls down the stairs. A truck driver taking a toy home to his "little squirt" sees the same ghostly girl fly past his truck and he faints with fright. Later, at the newspaper Yuriko is talking to her editor about the strange accidents and how every victim has lost something of no real value, a flashilight (the security guard), a toy (the truck driver). The two male reports from the car wreck make light of it but the one who is newly married is told he wont think its funny if the ghostly girl goes after his wedding wring and his wife becomes a widow. Still, later Professor Ichinotani is using Ippei as a guinea pig in an experiment. He says a light over Ippei's head indicates the minute amount of electricy in his body is balanced. He flips some switches to see what happens if its unbalanced (remember this series was originally to be called "Unbalance"). A ghostly version of Ippei appears to the left of his body, the proffessor says its his soul leaving his body. He restores the balance returning Ippei's soul. Yuriko repeats how accident victims have lost ordinary items, "like a flashlight, charm barg, or a doll". The professor surmizes, correctly, that the little girl at the magic show must have been hynotised frequently and that its causing her soul to leave her body and wonder around at night. Jun, Ippei and Yuriko attend the magic show again. This time the girl comes out of the cabinet after the trick and colapses in he father's arms. The three hurry back stage. The girl awakens and says she is tired. Then she asks when they will go to the mountain where her mother stays. Her father hyptnoises her to sleep again. He claims she cannot sleep normally. Jun says being hypnotised too often leads to schizophrenia. Lily asks for her music cabinet when her father shows it to her a bolt, a flashlight bulb and a jade necklace can be seen inside. When Jun asks about the necklace the magician says it belong to the late Chin, a Chinese sword artist. Later, the closed music cabinet opens itself and Lily's sould leaves her body. It scares a man in the same building then walks on water than appears in the sky terrorfying the two male reporters who are flying in an airplane at night (which in a previousl episode Jun said was illegal), she's after the wedding ring! The plane crashes and burns. The next day, Lily takes a ring out of the music cabinet and places it on her finger. Jun, Yuriko and Ippei are there to witness it. When Jun asks where she got the ring she says she does not know. She leaves the wring. Yuirko recognizes it, and it has the dead photographer's intials on it. Jun tries questioning Lily again, again she says she does not know where the ring or anything else came from, the items just appear in the music cabinet in the morning. She admits to having awoken in the morning with blood on her face and hands. When they tell the professor he says this is bad (no kididng) He tells Jun to find the girl. And tells Ippei to load the "Ultrashort Wave Diathermy" into the car. The magican cannot find his daughter. He thihnks she's gone to the mountains because she belives her mother lives there. The gholsty Lily is walking along a railroad track. She grins at the camera. Jun and Ippei are driving around trying to find Lily. At the theater the professr and Yurolp are wotj the father. The professor says Lily's soul wants to kill Lily's body. Lily's body is folloiwn its soul, because apparently Ily told herself her mother was along the railroad track. Jun and Ippei catch up the two Lilys and hurry to activate the "Ultrashort Wave Diathermy" ro fource the girl's soul back into her body, bust she is still standing in front of an oncoming train so Jun hurls himself at her to knock her off the track. Later, father and daughter on the stage, but this time father is dressed like a clown and there is no cabinet.


Note: this episode is re,peated in "Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy" a 2004 remake.

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