episode 26 title

Episode 26: Blazing Glory
(featuring Peter)


After a boxing match the audience is slowly leaving, the press is with the winner, Joe Aikawa aka Dynamite Joe. When asked to predict the results of his next fight he talks to his pet "aligator" Peter, and then claims he will win in three rounds. No one but Joe hears the creature speak, not even the television audience.the fight in three rounds. The prediction comes true. For next fight, five rounds is predicted. This prediction also comes true. Founr rounds is predicted next. Again correct. Dynamite Joe wins every fight during the round predicted, by knock outs. In his manager's office, Joe learns the next fight is for against the champion, if he wins he is the new world's champion. After his manager leaves, Joe lets his pet out of its cold water tank and it rapidly grows. This creature is not what it seems. In the cold it shrinks exposed to heat it grows. And it can predict the future and apparently telepathically communicte with Joe.

It is now one week before the world champion boxing match and Dynamite Joe has gone missing. Imitating his boxer Joe's manager holds up seven fingers, promising he will produce Dynamte Joe for the match in seven days. Jun, Yuriko and Ippei are attending a peformance of the "Marine Phantom Show. Despite the clowns make up Jun thinks he recognizes him as Dynamite Joe. In his dressing room the clown is talking to "Peter" so it seems Jun is right. Joe is promising Peter he will only take one small sip of alcohol. His new boss enters the room, he doesn't want him drinking either. He doesn't care why Dynamite Joe has given up boxing only that he makes a good clown, if he stays sober. When the clown returns to work, Jun tells Yuriko he has a scoop for her, the clown1is Dynamite Joe. But Yuriko and Ippei refuse to take Jun seriously. Back in the dressing room Peter is being annoyed by another man who wants help with his careeer, he takes Peter out of the water and of course Peter grows. Peter chases the man out the door going right, Joe comes in from the left after they're gone. When Jun, Yuriko and Ippei come into the room to find out of Jum is right Joe accuses Yuriko of taking Peter. Peter chases the other man into a swimming pool. Sudden scene change, Peter is back in his container of water and Yuriko is trying to interveiw Joe but not getting very far. But finally he starts to talk about how he met Peter in the Philippines. After winning his fight there he is rewarded with a fishing trip on a yacht. Flash back: he is fishing, he catches Peter doesn't know what it is and tosses it away but it lands on the deck and becomes larger scariering one the women on the boat before jumping back into the ocean water. Flash forward: Joe explains that they kept catching this creature not matter how many times they tossed it back. Joe says after predicting win after win Peter finally predicted that Joe would be knocked out by the champion. Joe runs off with a bottle. The marine show manager thinks he has a new star, Peter. Jun catches up with Joe and tries to get him to face the champion rather than let rumors continue to spread that tarnish the reputation of Dynamite Joe, rumors that he was paid by the champion's manager not to fight, or that he was threatned by the mob.Joe claims his eye sight is bad and getting worse after so many fights. Jum finally acce[ts that Dynamite Joe is gone and Joe the Clown is who hie is now.


Its two days before the match and Joe's boxing manager is holding up two fingers and promising the match will take place, though now he is sweating. Jun, Yuriko and Ippei decicide to go see Joe the Clown but the find his dressing room empty. The show's manager has his staff trying to fish the swimming pool because Peter is missing and he assumes the creature is in its cold waters. Since he thinks Peter is his star he cancles the show. Joe is at the docks, he believes Peter has return to the ocean. Lightning strikes and starts a bush fire. Joe starts runing towards it shouting "Peter!". Cut in the fire Peter has grown again. Joe tries to lure him back to the ocean. But one the way Peter kicks over fuel barrels causing an explosion and a massive fire which apparently Peter does not survive but somehow Joe, Jun, Yuriko and Ippei do. Joe sets out fo find out what dream he wants to fullfil on his own without some one or something telling him the future.


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