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Episode 27: The Disappearance of Flight 206
(featuring Todora)

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Among the passangers of flight 206 from Hong Kong are a police detective escorting a criminal and Jun and Ippei, returning from taking some extra flying training. Yuriko is at the airport waiting for their return as they have promised to take her out to dinner for Sukiyaki. Also at the airport is Professor Ichinotani who mentions that flight 206 is the first flight of a new commercial super sonic jet plane. The plane is swallowed up by a strange vortex in the sky, vanishing from radar, leaving Yuriko and Professor Ichinotani to fear the worst has happend. The chief flight controler is a student of the professor's so they are able to enter the flight tower. When Yuriko asks what could have happened the chief says "who knows, they could have made an emergecny landing or disinegrated in mid air". Hearing that Jun and Ippei may have been disinigrated, Yuriko faints. Despite no visible planes and lack of anything on radar the sounds of a jet flying over the tower can be heard. The radio operator keeps trying to reach the missing aircraft repeating over and over (in English which is common in airport control towers) "Seven two-o-six , seven two-o-six. This is Tokyo tower, over." But receives no repsonse. Outside, Yuriko, the professor and the tower chief can still hear the sound a jet plane but none is visible.

Meanwhile, aboard flight 206 which appears to be at a dead stop in midair, the passangers rendered unconscous by the entrance into the vortex are coming around. Jun wakes Ippei and they go to wake up the pilots. The criminal,a murderer, awakes before the police officer and manages to unlock the handcuffs (the officer cuffed to the criminal should never have the keys) and get his revolver. He fires a shot into the cockpiick which miraculaous hit no one and nothing and orders the crew and Jun and Ippei out. After bullying other passamgers. he forces the pilots, incluiding Jun and Ippei out of the plane. All five men seem to be walking on clouds. Eventually the find other aicraft, inclduing a World War II Zero fighter, with the skeletal remains of its pilot, a Grumman, a B29 bomber. Back in the plane the stewardess asks if any passangers can fix the radio,a young man speaking English and clearly American or European says he can. Back outside the criminal shoves Ippei who falls down when he gets back up his hands are full of stones which the murderer says are diamonds and they are all his. While is looking for them, Jun jumps him, but the struggle over the gun results in one pilot being shot in the head and the other in the arm. That's three rounds fired, leaving three. The gun is eventually lost in the fog and a very loud fist fight begins. The murderer eventually falls off the edge of whatever they are walking on to his death and Jun finds the gun.


Suddenly a strange roaring nouse is heard. And a walrus like monster materliazes. Jun shoots at it, repeatedly at least a dozen times with a revolver containting 3 rounds and having none to reload it with. The men make it back to the plane but of course its pilots are in no shape to fly it. Who will fly it? Jun of course because there's little difference in a single engine Cessna and a brand new super sonic airplane. The other man succeed in reparing the radio and because he has no idea where he is (and because he needs to kill time while and have the professor speculate where they are with pseudo science) Jun radio's Tokyo tower and is shocked to be told he's actually over Tokyo and not in a polar regiion since there is a giant walrus. The professor claims they must be in a "special dimension". And Jun asky my question, "a special dimension?" There is no answer because the radio goes staticy and the tower chief takes the microphone from the professor. Jun decides since the slow moving walrus is gotten a little close to the plane he should take off. Despite seeing the fule guages showing empty, Jun manages to move the jet to what he hopes is the exist to the real world. At this point the radio signal is lost again. But then the jet shows up on radar. The episode ends with the following narration: "When you pass over Tokyo on a Supersonic Jet Airliner, there is no guarantee you won't encounter this dimension. In that case, please do not forget to fasten your seat belt."


This episode was aired as the original final episode of the series on July 3, 1966. To be followed on July 17, 1966 by the first episode of Ultraman. However, eighteen months after ths episode was aired, on December 14, 1967 the previously unaired episode "Open Up!" was shown, making it the final episode of Ultra Q.

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