episode 4 title

Episode 4: Mammoth Flower
(featuring Juran)


A police man walkig a beat sees a part of the streek buckle then parts of a building fall, crushing him to death. Later. Jun and Ippei go to pick up some flyers they are being paid to drop out of their airpline. The office is a message, Ippei thinks a street gang ransaked it, he's told it was an earthquake but Jun says there hasn't been an earthquake in Tokyo recently. Jun is told there is something odd in the canal of the Imperial Palace. Outside Jun and Ippei meet Yuriko, Jun talks her into going with them to check out the canal. There is a strange tentical floating in it. When it moves, starts splashing people, most people run away but the three stay, Yuriko to take photoe but the strange tenticle soon sinks. Later, at Ichibotani Labratory, the professor predicts that the tenticle or root will appear again and it does. Breaking through walls and attacking people. Jun and Ippei and Yuriko run in to see. Jun breaks a bottle and uses it to cut the root to save a man. A piece of the root is examined and its determined that the sucks blood from humans.


Later, Jun and Ippei hear an announcement about an emergency being declared over a giant flower and instead of taking off in their plane to drop leaflets get in the car to rush back to the building with the giant root. Professor Ichibotani is talking to the press about the possability that if mammoths and dinosaurs, huge animals, once existed than giant plants could have as well. And this must be a survivng plant from that time. Jun and Ippei enter the building. They are asked to help carry things out of the office they got the flyers from. Jun carries some documents outside but Ippei is inside with a woman he has a crush on, when the building begins to shake as if from an earthquake. As the two try to make their way down the stairs and out of the building a mammoth bud grows through the roof and opens as people in the streets watch fascinated by the sight. Soldiers who were intending to try to destroy the plant with flame throwers hold off on their attack when told two people are still trapped inside and enter the building to find them, without the flame throwers. The flower starts releasing polin. Another root is destroyed by emptying a revolver into it. Another scienctist Doctor Genda, who wanted to study the Mammoth Flower rather than destroy it changes his mind he comes up with a plan to use chemicals to destroy it. Ippei and the young woman are rescued from the building. Jun uses his plane to spray the chemical on the flower while soldiers attack its roots with flamethrowers. The flower quickly withers away.


Note: the name Juran is never mentioned in the episode, its simply called "Mammoth Flower".

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