episode 5 title

Episode 5: Peguila is Here!
(featuring Peguila)


Manjome, Jun is sent to Japan's South Pole Base to investigate the disappearance of staff memember Nomura, three years ago.. There he find that the missing man left a journal in which he wrote about something he called "Peguila". A 4 ton snowmobile (truck with caterpillar treads) goes flying into the air and the base weather monitoring equipment measures a rapid temperature drop to minus 100 degrees celsius and the all the men outside are ordered inside. One man Ito, is missing but its too cold to go out looking for him. Jun notes that when Nomura vanished 3 years ago at 3AM after there was also a massive temperatrue drop. The base's new doctor, Kuhara, the only woman on the base a secret reason for being there. At 2:45 the next morning Jun enters a truck to begin his search but he notices his compass is pointing in the wrong direction. Then he hears someone coming and exits the truck still inside the base. Its the woman doctor. She tries to open the base door but its too windy. And then the truck starts floating. Neither of them notice the strange beast outside in the blowing snow. Kuhara staring, stunned and the snowmobile rising into the air faints. As the creature turns its back and walks away the snowmobile settles back down on the garage floor. Jun manges to awaken the doctor. The door opens and a man barely moving enters and collapsoes, the missing Ito. Put in a bed, he awakens long enough to mutter about a monster or giant animal. The base staff think he fell in an ice crevice and hit his head and is delusional. After the doctor is left alone with her patient, he sneaks up behind her says "Nomura, it is Nomura" than suddenly goes nuts and attacks her. The other men hear the comostion and come running to subdue him. Dr. Kuhara gives him a seditive.


Later, she steals a jeep (not a snowmobile) and goes looking for Nomura. When its noticed she is missing three men go looking for her in a snowmobile. They find an empty jeep, They drive on and find the dog Sabu, Nomura's dog it went missing with him 3 years ago, standing guard over the doctor who has fainted again. They discover the reason she fainted, Normura's body frozen in ice. They put the doctor inside the snowmobile and foolishly try to dig the body out with shovels. Just as they realize ice thats been there for 3 years is too thick the monster attacks. It blows men, the snowmobile into thei air. Imossibly Jun and Kuhara and Sabu have survived.. Jun demands to know why the doctor came out here. She tells him she was to be Nomura's wife and she had to sure of what happened to him.. When she askdJun how Sabu could have survived for 3 years, Jun doesn't think of the extreme cold, lack of drinkible water (it doesn't get warm enough to melt the ice) or food, but of how it could keep Peguila from killing it. Kuhara pets the dog and finds "moss" in its fur.

Back at the base it turns out all the men survived, being tossed around by Peguila's freezing ray somehow distrupting gravity (nothing in this episode makes sense so don't try to figure that one out). Finally realizing the dog needed food to surive (not mention of the extreme cold or lack of water) , the doctor claims the dog at this "moss". They tried feeding it to seal which dropped dead, but still the dog somehow surived on this stuff and Peguila does not like this stuff so it avoids the dog. The doctor extracted something called Peguimin H from the "moss" believing this chemical is toxic to Peguila This chemical is placed inside a weather rocket and shot at Peguila. The rocket doesn't kill the monster but just causes it to fly away (unbeknowest to every at the South Pole Base its flight will ultimately take it to Tokyo). Jun boards a supply ship to return home to Japan.


Nothing in this episode made sense.

Note: Peguila is the first monster to reappear in a second episode (#14). The two Peguila episodes were actually filmed one after the other as the 15th and 16th episodes produced.

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