episode 7 title

Episode 7: S.O.S. Mount Fuji
(featuring Gorgos)

This episode has opening narration but no ending narration.

Edogawa, Yuriko is investigatiing increased volcanic activity at Mount Fuji and Togawa, Ippei has tagged along with her. While Yuriko is inside the volcanic research center, Ippei waits outside. There is a loud bang and he thinks the volcano is errupting but its just a group of boys trying to launch a model rocket. The scientist comes out to lecture them about playing with explosives but they are temporarily deafened by the blast and cannot hear anything he is saying. But when they see a policeman on a bicycle riding up they run away. The officer tried to warn the near by villagers of a possible eruption but they don't take him seriously. He failed to warn Takeru a man who lives in the woods by himself because he ran from the officer. Ippei who doesn't believe that Mt. Fuji will errupt, thinks the "Tarzan of the forest, Takeru" will make a better newstory and talks Yuriko into covering him instead of "fake Mt. Fuji errruption". She starts by talking to a woman's younger brother, Takeru disppeared in the forest 15 years ago, when he was only four years old. Ippei listens as the police man tells some children a story about hunters who were after a bear and were taken down by a young man who appeared after they had killed the bear, took its body away with tears flowing down his face. One of the boy shouts "there he is". The policeman runs after the young man who quicjly out pases him. The policeman ends up near a waterfall whic runs into a hot spring which used to be a very cold lake when the ground shakes a gayser suddenly appears, hurling a bouldier previously beloew the surface of the earth into the air when the boulder hits thr grownd it starts to glow. The televsion news and the newspapers report on the occurance. Manjome, Jun flies Edogawa, Yuriko in his helicopter, to see the boulder.


The boulder is blown to pieces and the pieces carried off in trucks and dumped not far from where Takeru has been sleeping. That night he hears a strange noice and gets up to see what it is. A strange glowing object is pulling the pieces of the destroyed boulder back together. Once back together the boulder starts moving, its alive. Takeru throws a stone knife at the monster then runs from it. The stone monster knocks down trees and Takeru is pinned down. Takeru's sister want to try to talk to her brother, though she's not even sure the young man in the forest is actually Takeru. Ippei volunteers his friends and himself to help find him. But, its the policeman who finds and frees Takeru. Then both men are chased by the slow moving monster. They hide in a cave then are tramped when an ordinary boulder falls blocking the entrance. Takeru manages to move the boulder and the escape but now the monster is after the others. Takeru and the policeman catch up to the others, Tajery grabs the officer's revolver and runs towads the monster, cllimbing onto it. The monster tries to buck Takeru off. Takeru tries to shoot the monster in its glow heart which is expose on its back but loses the gun. The monster continues trying to shake the man off its back even going so far as to roll over on its back. Eventually though Takeru is able to rip out the monster's heart and having retrained the revolver he tosses the heart into the air then shoots it. Takeru who is reunited with his sister and civilized, put in a buisness suit and his hair cut. Poor man. They boy's finally succeed in launching their model rocket.


Note: when Gorgos roars it sounds like Gojira (Godzilla). The name Gorgos is never spoken in the episode.

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