Ryusei Ningen Zoon 1973 Toho Co., Ltd. & Mannen Sha Advertising Agency. No violation of that copyight intended. Images are for viewing only.

Background of the series came from John Cassidy's background summary, posted in by "Bullmark72". I added more details.

Some photos I made myself. Some provided by ZoFi and Igadevil. Zone Fighter using Meteor Missile Might from Tokusatsu Tyosenshu. Wav files taken from various episodes.

Ryusei Ningen Zoon (Meteor Man Zone) lyrics translated by John Cassidy.

Zone Great, Zone Father and Zone Mother human names and their meanings from Christopher Elam's article in Xenorma, Spring 2001. Thanks for permission to use them, Christopher.

For episodes 4-6 summaries the episode titles, monster names and Zone Fighter weapon names came from subtitled versions of these episodes, purchased from Henshin Video Heroes.

Background provided by Windy's Design Studio

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