Episode 22: Counterstrike! Strike Down Super-Jikiro!

In this episode Hikaru gets a girlfriend. The Terro-Beast, Super-Jikiro, attacks a ship at sea. Zone Fighter arrives to do battle. He loses this battle when his Meteor Missile Might has no effect on this monster, which shoots back. A wounded Hikaru nearly crashes the family car into another car driven by a woman, who takes him to the hopsital.

Later Hikaru, now healed, and his new girlfriend, discover a piece of metal in the water and are attacked by by divers who are probably Garogas in disguise. The attackers are driven off. The piece of metal is examined by Hikaru's father and grandfather.

In a flash back Hikaru's girlfriend remembers how he gave her his necklace. Two Garogas break into her room, take the necklace, throwing it out the window, into the ocean. The necklace gives of a raido signal which Zone Fighter apparently uses to locate it because the next time we see his girlfriend (episode 25) she's wearing it. Joe soon arrives to rescue Hikaru's girlfriend for him.

Zone Fighter driving Mighty Liner underwater searches for the monster. When he locates the monster he becomes giant sized, attacking the monster while still underwater. After a brief underwater battle Zone Fighter surfaces, the monster follows. Zone Fighter using a new version of his Meteor Missile Might, designed by his father and grandfather, defeats the monster. Meanwhile, Zone Angel and Zone Junior take care of Garogas who attempted to hijack a ship.

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