Episode 23: Secret Of Bakugon- The Giant Terro-Beast!

A family of three out for a drive, has an accident. What they though was a street, was acctually a railroad track. A man who seems to be waterskying discovers he's stand on dry land when his neighbors start laughing at him. A mysterious woman in black is responsable for these illusions. She contacts Gold-Garoga and asks him to send a Terro-Beast. The capsule containing Bakugon crashes at a junkyard. When Hikaru arrives at the junkyard, apparently sent there by his father and brother who first spotted the capsule on radar, there is no monster, just some Garoga soldiers, so he beats them up. After he leaves the head of a monster comes out of the water only to immediatly sink back down.

The woman in black causes Akira and his classmates to think they are playing in a beautiful garden when in fact they are playing in the junkyard. When Akira finally arives home, he is dirty, his clothes are torn and he has a cut on his arm. He also has a rose in his hand. However, when the rose is looked at through a pair of special glasses from Peaceland it turns out to be barbwire twisted in the shape of a rose.

Akira takes his brother and sister to the junkyard. When they open the door that's supposed to lead to the garden that is just what they see, until they put on the special glasses -- then they see the junkyard. When Akira tries to tell his classmates where they really are, they smash his glasses and throw rocks at him. His brother and sister apparently take him home.

Later, at home, grandfather sprays a chemical on the false rose which removes the illusion. Zone Fighter returns to the junkyard. He's met there by a woman who threatenes to kill her own child. He sprays the woman, who turns into the woman in black -- the child vanishes. The woman then transforms into a Garoga soldier and runs into the "garden". Zone Fighter returns to Mighty Liner which he uses to spray the entire "garden". The real woman and child run out of the junkyard. Fire breathing monster surfaces and tries to roast Zone Fighter. Attacked by Smokey, the monsters shuts off the flames and tries to stomp on Zone Fighter instead. Zone Fighter rolls out of the way and giant sizes. Physical combat begins. At first Zone Fighter seems to be winning, then the monster uses illusions of himself splitting into multiple forms to make Zone Fighter dissy and starts beating up on him. Zone Fighter needs a recharge, but as Smokey sends an energy capsule the monster hits Zone Fighter from behind, causing him to miss the capsule. This doesn't stop Zone Fighter from knocking the monster down. With the monster down Smokey sends another capsule. Recharged, Zone Fighter hits and kicks the monster some more before finishing him off with his missiles.

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