Episode 24: Smash The Pin-Spitting Needlar!

Two men are walking in the rain. One has is limping. They've apparently been in an accident. They find a house. No one answers their knocks or the the doorbell, but peaking in a window they see a man in a chair. Trying the door they find it unlocked. They enter to find the man is dead. Running out of the house they see a strange light and a lot of other people out in the rain.

Suddenly the seen changes. The man with the wounded leg is in a bed. The Sakimori family is there. After listening to his story, Hikaru and Hotaru go to the house where the body was found. There they find a notebook, after reading it they start to drive somewhere (home?), but they can't seem to stay awake. Sitting in front of a control panel, a Garoga soldier laughs. Hikaru falls asleep at the wheel, the car goes off a cliff and explodes. Men in black appear and laugh at the demise of Hikaru and Hotaru. However, they were not in the car. They were either thrown clear or jumped.

Lights flash from the Goraga base. The town's people in a hypnotic transe walk to the base. Hikaru and Hotaru follow. Once recognised they attempt to transform. Hotaru grabbing her arm, cries out in pain. Concerned for his sister, Hikaru doesn't complete the transformation either. They're both grabbed and straped to tables. They and the villagers are to be turned into human robots but before the operation can even be started Zone Junior bursts in, shoots the straps off his brother and sister, shoos the control panels and a Garoga or two. Hikaru and Hotaru transform. The bad arm must have been a deception in order to trick the Garoga into revealing their plans. The Terro-Beast, Needlar, is summoned. This beast shoots exploding darts at the giant sized Zone Fighter. After some wrestling, the monster hits Zone Fighter with an electric ray. Time for a recharge.

Smokey arrives but the energy capsule misses Zone Fighter. Gold-Garoga orders the monster to destroy Smokey. The monser shoots at Smokey but misses. Then tries flame but Smokey doesn't burn. Smokey launches another energy capsule. This time Zone Fighter gets it. He rips the monster's powersupply off him so no more electric ray. The monster tries more darts. When they don't work the monster produces one super sized dart, hurling it at Zone Fighter. Protan Beam destroys it. Zone Fighter uses his missles on the monster, its head flys off. The body spraying blood falls over backwards and explodes. The Goraga base starts flashing again, so Zone Fighter blasts it with his Protan Beam.

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