Episode 25: Bloodbath! Zone & Godzilla V.S. The United Terro-Beast Army!

Hikaru, Hotaru and Hikaru's girlfirend are caught in an earthquake caused by the stomping of several Terro-Beasts, including Spider Uros And Garaborg. Small trees fall on the young ladies. Hikaru radios home asking Zone Junior to come in Smokey. Akira pilots Smokey to the scene but as soon as he arrives the quake stops. Garoga soldiers have shurnken the monsters and placed them inside capsules. Hikarua transforms to Zone Fighter, human size, lifts the trees off his sister and girlfriend, then transforms back before his unconscious girlfriend wakes up. They take the girlfriend home with them where she recovers from her wounds and the shock of seeing one of the giant Terro-Beasts. The necklace Hikaru gave her, and which a Garoga tossed into the ocean, in episode 22, is back around her neck. Hikaru is wearing one himself, so my guess is he gave her a duplicate.

4 monsters

The Garoga spread capsules containing monsters around. The Sakimori family manages to collect most of the capsules, but four break open releasing four Terro-Beasts which return to giant size.

Zone Fighter and monster

Zone Fighter easily defeats the first beast, but when the three others join together he's in trouble. Smokey vaporizes one monster then Gojira arrives to help with the last two. This was Gojira's last episode.

Gojira's breath weapon

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