Episode 26: Pulverize Operation: Garoga Gamma-X!

Gold-Garoga fires a missle at the Zone family's house but it hits an impenetrable shield, the Zone Barrier, and explodes without doing any damage. So a special squad of Garoga soldiers, Gamma-X are sent to earth to defeat the Zone Family once and for all.

A boy at play runs into a stranger, in white. The stranger removes his sunglasses. His eyes flash. The boy goes on his way. While washing dishes the boy screams in pain, covering his eyes he runs outside. The boy's father seeing Hikaru driving by asks for a ride to the hospital. The boy has gone blind.

Later the stranger approaches the boy's father offering to cure his son in exchange for stealing some important papers. Hikara, Hotaru and Akira go to the hospital to visit the boy, but he's not there, his father has taken him home. As they're walking home, Hikara, Hotaru and Akira are attacked by the Gamma-X squad, who are too easily driven off. Hikara, Hotaru and Akira spend the night in the family car watching out for Garoga. Nothing happens during the night but in the morning the stranger attacks Hikara. Transforming into a Gamma-X member, he knocks Hikara down, grabs the other man and the stolen papers and drives off.

In a cave the Gamma-X Garoga assualts his prisoner. Hikara arrives and transforming into Zone Fighter fights with the Gamma-X squad. This time they don't retreat. The combine to transform into the Terro-Beast, Grotogauros, which attempts to confuse Zone Fighter by first appearing to in multiple forms and then as giant sized versions of Zone Angel and Zone Junior, so Zone Fighter won't blast him. Zone Fighter defeats the monster when he realises that the illusions come from the monster's eyes. Turning his back on the monster he waits for it to attack from behind before turning suddenly. After firing his missiles at the monster, Zone Fighter and the Terro-Beast grabble. They fall into the water. There is an explosion. Zone Fighter flies out of the water, the monster does not follow.

At home the boy removes his bandages, discovering he can see. The blindess was temporary. When his father returns with the "cure" to find his boy can see, he throws the bottle away, it explodes.

This was the last episode of Ryusei Ningen Zoon.

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