Episode 4: Onslaught! The Garoga Army: Enter Godzilla!

Hotaru sitting by a window star gazzing and dreaming of her home planet "Peaceland", which no longer exists, sees a flaming meteor streak across the sky. Recognising this "meteor" as a Terro-Beast capsule, Hikaru, Hotaru and their human friend Jo Takeru (Ohara) Hideaki), go in search of it. Jo Takeru is attacked by a model airplane.

As Jo Takeru is struggling with the owner of the model airplane, Hikaru and Hataru walk up. The stranger recognises Hataru. Hataru recognizes. He's apparently Sachio, Hataru's "childhood friend" from Peaceland.

At the Sakimori family home Sachio claims to have been on patrol in a small craft when Peaceland was destroyed. Hataru believes his story but the rest of her family and Jo Takeru are suspicous. The father says on Peaceland their was more honesty Sachio's eyes and finds it strange that all the toys he makes are war toys. He thinks Sachio (if this realy is Sachio) likes war, loves the killing.

Later when Hikaru encounters the Terro-Beast Warugirugar he transforms into giant sized Zone Fighter to do battle with it. When the beast sprays fire at him Zone Fighter uses his Meteor Zone Barrier to deflect the flames. He knocks the beast over with Meteor Kick then summons the Meteor Missile Might to blast it. However, Sachio arrives, pulls out a strange pistol, zapping Warugirugar, causing it to vanish. Hotaru believes he was saving her from Warugirugar who had turned to flame her, but Hikaru says Sachio was saving Warugirugar from him.

Back at the house when Hotaru looks for Sachio she can't find him because her father sent him away. She finds a note from Sachio in which he tells her that when she's frustrated she should open the music box he left behind. The note is signed with "love" which Sachio proves to know nothing about. When Hotaru opens the music box the toys Sachio made start shooting at her and at the rest of the family. Hikaru is wounded in the right shoulder. Hotaru transforms into Zone Angel and karate chops a toy plane out of the air. When she closes the music box the toys stop moving.

Sachio appears on the televsion, laughing he says he is glad he wounded Hikaru because now nothing will stand in the way of the destruction of Tokyo. Sachio summons Warugirugar, who attacks Tokyo. Hikarua transforms into Zone Fighter and shouting "Astral Dash!" flies into the tv, coming out where the monster is.

Hotaru finds Sachio and taking his pistol (a normal one not the ray gun) shoots him with it. He falls down but transforms into a Garoga soldier. Hotaru transforms into Zone Angel to fight him. Zone Junior arrives to assist her. The Gariga soldier transforms into the Terro-Beast, Spyra and joins Warugirugar in battling Zone Fighter.

Spyra and Warugirugar VS Zone Fighter and Gojira

Seeing his older brother in trouble, Zone Junior suggests asking Gojira (known as Godzilla in the USA) for help. Zone Angel replies, "Gojira?". Zone Junior explains that father said Gojira was a monster of justice and they should ask his help when needed. So Zone Angel sends her rocket robot with a message to Gojira. Gojira comes to Zone Fighter's aid. Together they destroy Warugirugar and Spyra.

Gojira and Warugirugar

This was Gojira's first episode.

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