Episode 5: Blast King Ghidora At Point Blank!

Gold Garoga sends the "super Terro-Beast" King Ghidora to destroy Earth's future by destroying the research center which had devolped a way to clean up Earth's polluted atmosphere. It will take awhile for King Ghdiora to arrive so Garogans on earth take over the center. When Takeru, Hikaru, Hotaru and Akira enter the building the Garogans try to drop "Garoga Packs" on their hands. These helmets render humans unconscious. Takeru is knocked out, the Hikaru, Hotaru and Akira knock the helmets aimed at them aside. The Garogans follow them outside. After a battle in human form the Garogans and the Zone trio transform. Zone Fighter, Zone Angel and Zone Junior draw their guns. The wounded Garogans flee.

Zone Fighter vs King Ghidora

Gold Garoga orders the death of the Zone Family. It is decided to use the "Dark Prism Plan". A multi-colored crystal is left for Takeru to find. He takes it to the Zone famly who recognises that it is a trap of some sort, but Hikaru reasons that the only way to locate their enemies is to fall into the trap. Hikaru takes the crystal and with Hotaru and Akira goes for a drive. They're attacked by Garogans. Transforming, they drive the Garogans off, however, King Ghidora finally appears and the crystal flies out of Hikaru's hand, under the control of King Ghidora. The voice of Gold Garoga is heard announcing that the Dark Prism is an energy absober which will cause the sun to lose its shine. With the energy output of the sun reduced the Zone family's power is also reduced -- they're solar powered it seems. Never the less, Zone Fighter takes on King Ghidora while Zone Angel and Zone Junior board Smokey.

Zone Fighter quickly loses energy and his this time his siblings don't have the energy to recharge him. So, their grandfather, called "Great Zone" decides to use "Great Raideki" to attack King Ghidora. Doing this will shorten his life. He does it anyway. He pulls a switch and a bolt of energy strikes King Ghidora, apparently drestroying the Dark Prism because the sky clears and Zone Fighter attacks King Ghidora. Zone Fighter is still low on energy so Great Zone decides to send him the Proton crystal that powers the Proton Barrier. It will be revealed in episode 26 (the last episode) that the Proton Barrier is a force field that protects their house from the Garogans. Without this blue crystal the barrier is down and the three older Zone family members are in danger, but Zone Fighter needs the energy to face King Ghidora, so the crystal is sent to Zone Fighter. This decision will jeapordize the entire family in the next episode. Powered up by the Proton crystal, Zone Fighter chases King Ghidora into space.

End of episode 5

This was King Ghidora's first episode.

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