Kamen Rider Black RX

Kamen Rider Black RX ran October 23, 1988 - Sept. 24, 1989 (47 episodes)

Character Actor
Minami, Kotaro Kurata, Tetsuo
RX, Roborider, Biorider Okamoto, Jiro
Crisis Warlord Jak Takahashi, Toshimichi
Crisis Warlord Jak (voice) Kat˘, Seiz˘
Colonel Maribaron Takahata, Junko
Captain Gedorian Watanabe, Minoru
Captain Gatenzone Kitamura, Takayuki
Naval Captain Bosgan Fujiki, Yoshikazu
General Dasmada Tetsuya, Matsui
Grand Lord Crisis (voice) Naya, Gor˘
Narrator Masamune, Kazumasa

Black RX

"I am the child of the sun, Kamen Rider Black RX!"

Kamen Rider Black RX started two weeks after Kamen Rider Black ended. Before the first episode of Kamen Rider Black RX there was a TV special "Kamen Rider Ichigo through RX ~ Big Gathering" (October 16, 1988), which reviewed all the previous Kamen Rider series and gave a brief preview of Kamen Rider Black RX .

Minami, Kotaro

The Kamen Rider Black RX series rather than introducing a totally new Kamen Rider character took an existing Kamen Rider and changed him. Rougly 1 year after the defeat of Gorgom by Kamen Rider Black earth is invaded by the Crisis Empire, aliens from another planet. Miniami, Kotaro (Kurata, Tetsuo) is captured by Crisis Empire and jetisioned into space, towards the sun. The solar radiation cracks the King Stone in his belt, changing him from Kamen Rider Black to Kamen Rider Black RX.

Kamen Rider Black RX was the first Kamen Rider to have multipe forms: Kamen Rider Black RX, Prince of Sadness: Roborider (introduced in episode 15) and Prince of Anger: Biorider (introduced in episode 17), each armed with a different weapon.


RX used "RX Kick" had was armed with the Riblocane, essentially a lightsaber.

Roborider Biorider

Roborider is physically stronger than RX and is unharmed by explosions, but moved slower than RX. Roborider carried Vortek Shooter, an energy bolt firing pistol. Biorider could transform into water. Most forms of energy passed through Biorider without harming him. Biorider carried the unbreakable sword, Bioblade which could reflect energy weapons back at the attacker.

The RX, Roborider and Biorider costumes were worn by stuntman/actor Okamoto, Jiro.


Kamen Rider RX's motorcycle, Acrobatter, was actually
a modified version of Battlehopper.

Roboizer Mach Jabba

If RX transformed into either Robrider or Biorider then Acrobatter
would transform into Roboizer or Mach Jabba.


Kamen Rider RX was also the only Kamen Rider to drive a car, Ridron.

Minami, Kotaro

Minami, Kotaro lives with the Sahara family, father Shunkichi, mother Utako, son Shigeru and daughter Hitomi, while working for Shunkichi as a helicopter pilot.

Sahara, Shunkichi Sahara, Utako

Shunkichi and Utako look upon Kotaro as another son.

Sahara, Shigeru Sahara, Hitomi

Shigeru and Hitomi treat Kotaro as an older brother. Shigeru is the first to figure out that Kotaro is Kamen Rider Black RX.

Matoba, Kyoko; Kasumi No Joe; Shiratori, Reiko

Joining Miniami, Kotaro in the battle against Crisis Empire were: Matoba, Kyoko (introduced in episode 29), skilled with the bow and possessing the telekinetic power to cause water to raise up from under the ground; Kasumi No Joe (episodes 15-26, 37-47), a cyborg originally under the control of Crisis, who freed by RX considers Kotaro to be his brother; and Kotaro's girlfriend photographer Shiratori, Reiko. At first only Joe knew that Kotaro was RX, but the others find out later.

Shadow Moon

In episodes 22 and 27 Shadow Moon returns, seaking revenge against Minami, Kotaro.
In episode 27 Shadow Moon is armed with the twin Shadow Sabers.

11 Kamen Riders

During the last four episodes of Kamen Rider Black RX all ten of the previous Kamen Riders showed up to help defeat Crisis Empire. (In this picture they are standing in order, except for RX: if you start on the left, then go right, then go left then go right, etc.)

Kamen Rider Black RX Episodes

Kamen Rider Black RX Songs

The Ratings

rxmovie 4 Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Black RX, Roborider and Biorider appeared in the movie EM>Kamen Rider: Stay In The World aka "All Around The World" or "Running Around The World" (April 29, 1989). An animated version of RX is also in the movie Kamen Rider-SD (1993).

Kamen Rider Black RX seems to have been the least popular of the Kamen Rider series.

An Americanized version of Kamen Rider Black RX, called Masked Rider was produced and from what I've heard was a dismal failure.

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