Boys Rider Squad

Boys Rider Squad

Boys Rider Squad Boys Rider Squad Boys Rider Squad

The Boys Rider Squad was founded by FBI Agent Taki Kazuyain episode 74 of Kamen Rider, to report on the activites of Shocker, and later, Gel Shocker. Once Gel Shocker was defeated Taki Kazuya returned to the United States, leaving Tachibana, Tobei in charge of The Boys Rider Squad which continued to exist even though there were no kajin to monitor. Then Destron appeared and The Boys Rider Squad once again aided in the fight against evil.

communications station lockeroom

The Boys Rider Squad's original headquarters was destroyed by Destron, so Tachibana, Tobei created a new base hidden under his store, Central Sports.

Tama, Junko and Tachibana, Tobei Tama, Shigeru

Tachibana, Tobei was assisted in operating The Boys Rider Squad's by Tama, Junko (against the wishes of Kazami, Shiro). Despite witnessing the murders of Shiro's parents and younger sister Junko, at least in the early episodes, does not know that Shiro is V3. Shiro did not want her involved in the battle against Destron because he was afraid she'd get hurt. Junko intiially has a crush on Kazmi, Shiro (episodes 1-12) which causes her to disrequard orders to stay stafe in HQ whenever she fears he is endanger. Forcing Kamen Rider V3 to have to rescue her when she's captured by Destron. When it becomes clear he has no romantic feelings toward her they finally become just friends. (Apparently the original plan was for a romance to develop between Shiro and Junko, but it was dropped after episode 12 because it simply wasn't fitting the narrative). Junko recruited her younger brother Shigeru as a Squad Leader. When she goes running off she leave him to run the radio. Taking after his sister he too disobeyes orders to stay safe at the HQ on occasion, resulting in his needing to be rescued by Kamen Rider V3 as well.

Boys Rider Squad Boys Rider Squad

Most of the members of the Boys Rider Squad are recruited after Destron has targeted them as part of an evil scheme aimed at their parent or older sibling. They are loyal to Kamen Rider V3 because he rescued them and are willing to risk themselves to help others targeted by Destron by spotting and reporting Destron mutants and troop movements. Tachibana, Tobei and Kazami, Shiro train the squad members in running, martial arts, swimming and diving at a Boys Rider Squad Summer Training Camp (with Tama, Junko and the older sister of one of the other members, Takako, watching) [episode 22]. During their campfire held to celebrate completion of training the boys sang their song "Song of Boys Kamen Rider Squad" which was also the series ending theme for episodes 1-42. Member Takako was the weakest member who struggled to complete the training but when he was abudcted by Destron, the other members refused to abandon him when Kazami, Shiro wanted them to return to Tokyo, leaving finding the boy to him. The Boys Rider Squad does not leave any of its own behind. .

Modern translators being "politically correct" and calling the Boys Rider Squad either "Children's Rider Squad" or "Rider Scouts". Trying to hide the fact that the group was made up mostly of boys. The primary audience for Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider V3 (in fact all the Kamen Rider series) was young boys. Though the original series included young women (who mostly sat around the base), to attempt to attract teenage boys and men. Kamen Rider V3 reduces it to one young woman who runs the radio at the base. There are a few girl members but they appear in one episode each and are never seen again.

After the defeat of Destron the Boys Rider Squad apparently disbanded, as it was never seen again although in Kamen Rider Super-1 there was a new group "The Junior Riders Team", though it was not as important to the series.